Project Program Manager III

$80,412.80 – $101,920.00 Annually
Seattle, WA
Job Type
Career Service, Full Time, 40 hrs/week
Department of Natural Resources & Parks – Solid Waste Division
Job Number
5/13/2018 11:59 PM Pacific
The Local Hazardous Waste Management Program (LHWMP) in King County is recruiting for an enthusiastic team player to provide a wide range of policy functions for our multi-jurisdictional program. To learn more about LHWMP visit

This position requires knowledge of the Washington State Legislature, working with elected officials, and enacting new laws, ordinances, and policies to achieve LHWMP’s goals of reducing the use of toxics and managing hazardous materials. We are looking for someone with experience working with community groups and a passion for supporting all people in King County to reach their full potential. This position is part of a four person multi-agency team and works closely with the LHWMP Program Director. This position is employed by the King County Solid Waste Division.

LHWMP is deeply committed to Race and Social Justice and applying the principles of race and social justice to our work on policy development. We are working to expand our policy work to focus on developing policies with the community including but not limited to residents, businesses, ethnic chambers of commerce, housing organizations, community partners, non-profit organizations etc. Our focus on racial equity is intentionally embedded in planning, budgeting and priority setting.

Responsibilities of this position include analysis, research, planning and policy development, as well as interagency and interjurisdictional coordination to achieve appropriate changes to public policies in line with the program’s strategic goals.

This is a professional position; work is performed independently and in close coordination with policy staff assigned to LHWMP partner agencies and the Program Director. The incumbent will analyze and recommend the appropriate level of involvement in numerous local, state, and national issues important to the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program. Current examples of the work that this position performs include product stewardship initiatives for paint, leftover medicines, mercury lighting and household hazardous waste.

The incumbent will be a leader, coordinator, facilitator, member of various work groups, teams and partnerships/coalitions in order to help the program and its partners achieve desired outcomes. The successful candidate will have expertise in policy analysis, drafting, and tracking legislative issues, laws, codes and ordinances, networking, and collaborating with local, state and federal agencies, coalition building and the ability to do these duties based on previous experience. The incumbent will have the desire and ability to learn about emerging policy issues and the intersection of racial equity and policy and apply those learnings to advance the program.

Who may apply: This position is open to all qualified applicants. King County and the Solid Waste Division values diverse perspectives and life experience and encourages people of all backgrounds to apply, including people of color, women, LGBTQ, immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, and veterans.

Forms and Materials required: Applicants must submit a (1) King County application form and (2) letter of interest detailing your background and describing how your education and experience meets the qualifications and has prepared you to perform the essential functions of the job.

Work Location: King Street Center – 201 South Jackson Street, Suite 701, Seattle, WA. 98104

Work Schedule: This full time Career Service position works a 40 hour work week, Monday through Friday. This position is exempt from FLSA provisions and is not overtime eligible.  This position is represented by Teamsters Local 117.

Examples of Job Duties:

  • Provide in-depth analysis of applicable policies within LHWMP and its partner agencies. Develop action plans for policies that conflict with or are counter-productive to LHWMP goals. Review and track specific laws, codes, and rules pertinent to LHWMP’s goals.
  • Direct the work of a contract lobbyist. Design and implement legislative strategy.
  • Act as a high level liaison to various organizations and groups including the King County Board of Health, councils, boards and legislative committees, as well as state and federal agencies. Determine the proper level of involvement or liaison appropriate for each group (e.g. observer, member, lead, etc.).
  • Recommend LHWMP’s level of involvement in legislative actions at local, state, and federal levels.
  • Engage in and lead legislative and rule-making processes including meeting with elected officials, industry, non-profits, and business associations, writing legislation, negotiating and providing written comments and testimony.
  • Coordinate, lead or participate in programs or actions involving multiple agencies, partner organizations, and community groups.
  • Manage projects involving multi-agency teams, including budget/expenditure oversight.
  • Work in partnership with the community. Share decision making and develop policies collectively.
  • Develop effective coalitions or networks to assist in the accomplishment of LHWMP strategic goals.
  • Where required, serve as a primary liaison (single point of contact) between partnering organizations and LHWMP program staff.
  • Where required, direct the work of other staff as a lead or program coordinator.

Our Ideal Candidate Will Have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in public policy or a closely related field (master’s degree or higher preferred) and five years of  experience in technical programs that involve public policy development, communications or an equivalent combination of education and experience that demonstrates the skills necessary to perform the primary job duties.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the Washington State legislative process and rule making.
  • Experience working with community including multicultural populations to enact policy changes. Experience conducting all project planning, implementation, and evaluation in partnership with community representatives with the goal of community directed action.
  • Demonstrated skill providing in-depth policy analysis and development of federal, state, and local legislation and administrative rule changes; demonstrated skill conducting bill analysis and drafting bill language.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead policy initiatives and follow through with the legislative process and work with elected officials on policy change in a variety of venues.
  • Demonstrated skill acting as a liaison to various organizations and groups including; health and environmental coalitions, boards and legislative committees, and city, state and federal agencies.
  • Demonstrated skill managing projects involving multi-agency teams and developing effective networks to accomplish program goals.
  • Ability to build and maintain positive working relationships and partnerships with a variety of partners, stakeholders and interest groups, including, but not limited to various county and/or state agencies, organizations and associations.
  • Ability to successfully work with multidisciplinary teams, matrix-based organizational structures and coalitions.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with program management and various project teams to achieve results within specified deadlines.
  • Demonstrated skill in written and oral communications and making presentations.
  • Demonstrated skills researching, documenting, analyzing, recommending and briefing others on administrative rule changes, legislation and national movements’ necessary to change public policies.
  • Demonstrated skills in translating technical information and goals into specific action steps necessary to cause public policy changes to be adopted.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of environmental issues.

The Most Competitive Candidate Will Have:

  • Demonstrated experience providing lobbying functions with the Washington State legislature and/or with local elected officials.

Who to Contact: If you have additional questions about this recruitment, please contact Prakash Meloot at If you have questions about the position or wish to learn more about LHWMP, please contact Lauren Cole at 206-477-5270 or or visit

King County offers a highly-competitive compensation and benefits package to all eligible employees.  These benefits include county-wide paid medical, dental and vision coverage for yourself and all eligible dependents (spouse/state-registered domestic partner and children) who you enroll.  Benefit eligible positions include — Career Service, Career Service Exempt, provisional and term-limited temporary (TLT) employees working 20 hours/week or the equivalent of half-time or greater.  These benefits become effective on the first calendar day of the month following the month in which the employee is hired; except if the employee’s hire date is the first calendar day of the month, benefits begins on the day of hire.

More information about employee benefits is available on the county’s website at:

County Paid Benefits Include:

  • Health Insurance (choice of several plans)
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Plan
  • Life Insurance — lump sum equal to annual base salary
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (basic and enhanced)
  • Basic Long Term Disability (LTD) — replaces 60% of earnings after 180-day waiting period
  • Bus pass and other alternative transportation incentives
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Making Life Easier Program

Retirement: Employees are covered under retirement plans provided through the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems and are covered by Social Security.

Holidays: 10 paid holidays per year plus 2 additional floating holidays administered through the vacation plan.
Vacation with Pay:

Hire date through end of year 5: accrual at 12 days per year (available after
first 6 months of employment)

  • Beginning of year 6: accrual at 15 days per year
  • Beginning of year 9: accrual at 16 days per year
  • Beginning of year 11: accrual at 20 days per year
  • Beginning of year 17: accrual at 21 days per year
  • Beginning of year 18: accrual at 22 days per year
  • Beginning of year 19: accrual at 23 days per year
  • Beginning of year 20: accrual at 24 days per year
  • Beginning of year 21: accrual at 25 days per year
  • Beginning of year 22: accrual at 26 days per year
  • Beginning of year 23: accrual at 27 days per year
  • Beginning of year 24: accrual at 28 days per year
  • Beginning of year 25: accrual at 29 days per year
  • Beginning of year 26: accrual at 30 days per year
Sick Leave is accumulated at the rate of one day per month. There is no restriction on the amount of sick leave that can be accumulated and carried over to subsequent years. At retirement an employee will be paid 35% of their unused, accumulated sick leave. Non-represented employees and employees in certain bargaining units will receive this benefit as a payment to a VEBA account, which pays for post-retirement health benefits on a pre-tax basis.
Other leaves include:
  • Bereavement Leave (up to 3 days/year)
  • Military Leave
  • Family Medical Leave
  • King County Medical Leave
  • Jury Duty Leave
  • Organ Donor Leave
  • Executive Leave (for eligible FLSA-exempt employees)
Voluntary Benefits — available at employee option and at employee expense
  • Deferred Compensation Plan (no employer match) IRS 457 Plan
  • Enhanced Long Term Disability — reduce waiting period/increase monthly
  • benefit
  • Additional Life Insurance — 1 to 4 times your base annual salary for yourself and 50% of your enhanced amount for your spouse/domestic partner; and $10,000 for each child
  • Additional Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage for employee and family
  • Credit Union membership
  • Flexible Spending Accounts – Health and Dependent Care
  • HRA Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA) Trust upon retirement

NOTE:  This is a general description of the benefits offered through employment with King County, and every effort has been made to ensure its
accuracy.  If any information on this document conflicts with the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the CBA prevails.  Also, in the event of any incorrect information in this document, applicable laws, policies, rules, CBAs or official plan documents will prevail.

Do you have a Bachelor’s degree or above in public policy or a closely related field and five years of experience in technical programs that involve public policy development?

  • Yes
  • No
If yes, please describe your education and relevant experience.
If answered ‘no’ to question # 1, do you have an equivalent combination of education and experience that demonstrates the skills necessary to perform the primary job duties?

  • Yes
  • No
If answered ‘Yes’ to question #3, please describe your relevant education and experience and explain how they provide you the skills necessary to perform the primary duties of this position.

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King County
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