GIS Analyst II

T3W Business Solutions, Inc. is seeking a GIS Analyst II for IMMEDIATE START with experience in GIS products and services, this work will be performed in Silverdale, WA in support of NAVFAC Norhtwest.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Custom maps- These may be derived from currently available Navy data, however, there may be instances where the contractor will need to discover publicly available data, or develop the necessary data, in order to complete the request. Data for the maps may include tabular, graphic, or spatial. Output will be either digital or printed

Data Services will include:

  • extracting and formatting date from the regional data store to meet date requests from customers
  • evaluating date deliverables from contractors or outside agencies
  • converting data from GIS to CAD and vice versa
  • post processing handheld data from portable GPS unites and incorporating that data into regional data stores
  • rectification- this is the process of geo-referencing a specific file (CAD, tiff, PDF, etc.) so that is accurately referenced to the surface of the earth
  • Analytic Services- There will be occasions when a customer will require some analysis of geo-spatial and tabular data. These occasions may include when the customer wants to conduct “what if” scenarios. These can range from determining sight lines for security forces, analyzing what effect new construction may have, and determining impacts to natural resources new roads or trails may have.

Miscellaneous Services-Field services- using a handheld GPS unit:

  • Conduct data gathering of latitude and longitude for a given set of features
  • Collect feature and attribute information
  • Perform post processing of acquired data
  • Geo-locate features either in the field or on a map

Visualization Services :

  • Create custom maps or graphics based on customer supplied data. These visualizations will be limited to GIS related projects
  • There may be other types of projects that require the integration of different types of graphic files with mapping data.
  • Creating reports- It will be necessary to generate quarterly and annual reports to document GRC support services