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The City of Lacey is hiring a Water Resources Specialist!


  • Focus in Water, Wastewater, & Reclaimed water
  • Full time
  • Salary $5,550.29 – $6,600.33


Examples of typical duties for the Water Resources Specialist supporting the water, wastewater, & reclaimed water utilities include the following:


  • Develop and implement the City’s water quality public outreach and education program
  • Create annual Consumer Confidence Report
  • Coordinate public engagement for the septic to sewer conversion program
  • Administer the City of Lacey’s Alternate Day Irrigation Policy
  • Ensure compliance with WDOH Water Use Efficiency Rule (calculate annual distribution system leakage and manage the City’s water conservation program)
  • Represent the City in regional water resource planning and response efforts related to drinking water quality protection and enhancement


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