Job Title:                           RTOC Executive Director


Reports to:                       RTOC Consortium Board


Job purpose


The RTOC Executive Director oversees all aspects of RTOC planning, budget development, grant writing, development, organization, outreach, and management of staff.  Duties include coordination with EPA staff, outreach to Tribes, and communication regarding the mission and work of the RTOC to Tribes within EPA Region 10.


Duties and responsibilities


  1. Management and Administration
  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization and implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Works with the Consortium Board to develop and implement a strategic plan.
  • Provides effective leadership in Board development to support organizational goals.
  • Provides supervision, coaching, support, and regular evaluation for all staff.
  • Prepares reports and documents for Board review and action.


  1. Fiscal/Grant Development/Management
  • Develop and manage the RTOC grant applications and budgets.
  • Provide EPA with quarterly and annual grant reports.
  • Works with the Consortium Board and consultant to monitor and provide reports on grant and budget status.


  1. Communications
  • Coordinate the development of, implement and carry out a strategic plan for a comprehensive communication system that enables the RTOC, EPA, and 271 Tribes within Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington State (Region 10) to efficiently exchange information.
  • Develop and maintain:
    •  The RTOC website, Social Media to include Facebook, Twitter and You Tube with pertinent and timely information, including information about the RTOC and its elected representatives, RTOC meeting notes and the updated Action Item Log, tribal funding and consultation opportunities, important EPA initiatives impacting Tribes, and RTOC meetings and other events.
    • An email list serve of tribal environmental professionals in Region 10 with regular updates and dissemination to RTOC representatives based on their outreach map.
    • Forward announcements regarding EPA initiatives impacting Tribes, EPA opportunities for tribal consultation on rules and policies, tribal funding opportunity availability, dates of upcoming regional tribal events, and other related information to RTOC Members, the email list serv, social media and post the same to the RTOC Website.
    • Create a quarterly email newsletter containing links to the RTOC meeting minutes and updated Action Item Log, pertinent news, tribal funding and consultation opportunities, success stories, etc.
    • Provide monthly newsletter articles to EPA regarding RTOC
    • Develop and maintain various outreach materials and methods to increase the RTOC’s visibility in the Region and to encourage greater tribal participation in the RTOC. These materials and methods include, but are not limited to, brochures, business cards, pamphlets, videos, and social media. Provide updates to the monthly EPA Tribal Newsletter regarding RTOC and other relevant meeting dates and locations, and other issues of significance to the RTOC.


  1. RTOC Member Assistance
  • Arrange orientation with new RTOC members prior to the member’s first RTOC meeting. Prepare and provide an orientation packet along with face-to-face training opportunities for orientation to new RTOC Members.
  • Provide a list of the tribal environmental contacts for each Member’s represented area to the RTOC Members.  Assist in outreach.


  1. RTOC Meeting Planning/Coordination
  • Coordinate development of RTOC Meeting Agendas.
  • Distribute and collect RTOC meeting topic forms.
  • Prepare digital and print information packets for distribution at the quarterly in-person meetings.
  • Track and maintain an attendance log for RTOC Members and staff required to attend meetings and notify Co-Chairs of Member attendance after each in-person and conference call meeting.


  1. Strategic Planning and Evaluating Effectiveness of Operations
  • Work with the RTOC to create strategic plan for educating and engaging Tribes in Region 10 with the work of the RTOC.
  • Evaluate existing Operations Guidance document, recommend modifications to the committee, and update operational policy and procedures as needed.


  1. Contracting
  • Work with Policy Analyst to develop requests for proposal for all RTOC contractors.
  • Ensure that contractors are provided all necessary information, regular updates.
  • Oversee performance of contractor tasks.


  1. Tribal Environmental Leaders Summit
  • Participate in Tribal Environmental Leaders Summit Subcommittee.
  • Oversee and manage TELS Coordinator.





Education, Skills, and Experience

  • Experience in non-profit organizational operations and management of staff.
  • Experience in event implementation, meeting planning and communications.
  • Excellent organizational and scheduling skills.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Experience working with Tribes. Cultural awareness and respect.
  • Experience with website management.



Budget Responsibilities


Manage RTOC activities within established EPA grant budget.



Team Participants


Supervision of TELS Coordinator, RTOC Administrative Assistant, and other RTOC staff members.


Constant collaboration and problem-solving with RTOC members, Tribal Environmental Leaders Summit Coordinator, RTOC contractors, EPA officials, tribal elected officials, and experts in tribal environmental program areas.


Participate in monthly RTOC staff meetings.


Works regularly with all RTOC members and staff to:

  • Contribute to short and long-term organizational planning and strategy;
  • Generate innovative solutions to obstacles; and
  • Be a resource to other RTOC members and staff.




Salary depend upon experience, but not to exceed $66,000 plus benefits.


To Apply


To apply, please email cover letter, resume, and 3 references to the email:   Please “RTOC Executive Director Application” in the subject line of the email.