Please join us next Tuesday, April 9 from 6:30pm-8pm at the Historic Lord Mansion (211 21st Ave. SW, Olympia), for the Evergreen Talks speaker series, a forum for Evergreen faculty to share their research and knowledge with the community.


Dr. Frederica Bowcutt will give a free public lecture, “The Historical Ecology of South Sound Prairies.” Prairies and associated oak woodlands in the south Puget Sound or Salish Sea region host a suite of rare and unusual species of plants and animals, many of which do not occur in vegetation dominated by conifers. Learn how these special ecosystems developed thousands of years ago and how Native people began tending these cultural landscapes with fire to maintain access to important food and medicine plants, browse for horses, and habitat for deer and elk. Dr. Bowcutt teaches in interdisciplinary programs that integrate botany, environmental history and history of science. Her research focuses on the intersection between cultural landscapes and biodiversity conservation. She is the author of The Tanoak Tree: An Environmental History of a Pacific Coast Hardwood (University of Washington Press, 2015). Please announce to your classes and share widely!