Pacific Northwest Bumble Bee Atlas Training in Washington!
Become a Citizen Scientist and learn how to survey bumble bees!
Saturday, June 15th 2019, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST
Washington State University Research & Extension Center
Puyallup, Washington

You’ve heard about struggling pollinators and some of the threats they face. The same story is playing out here in the Pacific Northwest with our native bees, including some of our beloved bumble bees. Idaho, Oregon and Washington are home to nearly 30 species of bumble bees, and several of them face an uncertain future. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon State University, Oregon Department of Agriculture, and the Xerces Society have partnered to launch the Pacific Northwest Bumble Bee Atlas to help track and conserve these essential pollinators and preserve the buzz in our meadows, gardens and farm fields. Join us for a full day of training where you’ll learn about bumble bees, their status, and how to participate in the PNW Bumble Bee Atlas Project.

The tri-state area is expansive and includes many wild areas, so we need an army of trained volunteers equipped with cameras and vials to spread out across the region to survey it. With your help we can cover all three states quickly, collect high quality data, and contribute to the global understanding of bumble bee distributions, ultimately leading to more targeted and focused conservation.

This day-long workshop will include a classroom session in the morning, followed by a field trip to nearby habitat where we will practice bumble bee identification, survey techniques in more detail, and learn how to do a basic habitat assessment while we sample the local area for foraging bumble bees. Participants will also learn how to submit data to the PNW Bumble Bee Atlas Project including how to submit observations and habitat data through
Bumble Bee Watch .

The missing partner is you! Become a citizen scientist today and help conserve our native pollinators!



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Registration is $25.00* per person and lunch will be provided.
*Scholarships are available.

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Registration Contact:
Lauren Richey, The Xerces Society
(503) 232-6639, Ext. 123