Position title: SPP Green Track Program Coordinator
Employer: The Evergreen State College
Hours: 20 hrs/wk, regular business hours while class is in session; additional hours during break weeks and summer quarter
Duration: August 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020; one-year extension dependent on funding
Location: Sustainability in Prisons Project office (Seminar 2 E2116-2121 and 2128,)
Pay: $15.45/hour; additional funding may be available for thesis work on a SPP topic
Supervisor: Joslyn Rose Trivett, SPP Education & Outreach Manager
To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and three references to Joslyn Rose Trivett trivettj@evergreen.edu by 5pm, May 17th 2019


The Sustainability in Prisons Project is a partnership founded by the Evergreen State College (Evergreen) and the Washington Department of Corrections (WA Corrections). Program coordinators work collaboratively with both founding partners, plus various program partners, to advance SPP’s mission and vision:

Mission: We empower sustainable change by bringing nature, science, and environmental education into prisons.

Vision: In response to the dual crises of ecological degradation and mass incarceration, we aim to reduce recidivism while improving human well-being and ecosystem health. SPP brings together incarcerated individuals, scientists, corrections staff, students, and program partners to promote education, conserve biodiversity, practice sustainability, and help build healthy communities. Together, we reduce the environmental, economic, and human costs of prisons.

This position will coordinate efforts of both founding partner organizations (Evergreen and WA Corrections) and other partners in providing and tracking educational and job training programs that are Sustainability in Prisons Project (SPP) Green Track Program Coordinator for August 2019 More information on SPP: sustainabilityinprisons.org and facebook.com/sustainabilityinprisons part of a statewide “Green Track.” At this time, key Green Track programs are Roots of Success (Roots), an environmental literacy program, and beekeeping, keeping honeybee hives and associated education/certification. At this time, there are 23 active programs. Supporting and advancing these two programs are the position’s primary focus and responsibility. Both involve statewide outreach and partnership building, and require strong communication skills and frequent problem solving. Also, as a member of the SPP-Evergreen team, the position contributes to team building and advancing SPP as a whole. Specific tasks detailed below.

Reporting, Accountability and Advancing SPP

  • Provide updates weekly to supervisor and every two weeks to the team at SPP-Evergreen staff meetings.
  • Actively participate in promoting the staff team and the organization as a whole, including:
    • Participating in team meetings
    • Creating and collaborating on outreach and dissemination materials
    • Identifying and acting on relevant opportunities for inter-program support and enhancements
    • Presenting on SPP to varied audiences in multiple venues
    • Considering and contributing to proposals for new funding for SPP programs
  • Maintain good communication through regular updates with team members at each site.
  • Update task lists and keep current in a format agreeable to coordinator and supervisors.
  • Provide reports detailing accomplishments and progress as required by funding sources.

Program Coordination, general

  • Monitor and safeguard overall health of the programs; participate in ongoing program improvement and problem solving
  • Cultivate and maintain positive relationships with all program partners (e.g. guest experts and their organizations) and DOC staff at host prisons
  • Coordinate and track efforts of Evergreen, WA Corrections, beekeeping partners, and Roots staff to deliver the programs, especially educational curricula, to inmates at multiple sites in Washington. Draft program reports as needed.
  • Track updates to curricula, supplementary materials, surveys, and other required paperwork; distribute updates to all program facilities.
  • Synthesize input from all partners to update and distribute “How-to’s” (administrative guides), with expectations and tasks specific to all program roles.
  • Maintain (and improve as needed) systems for tracking all Roots and beekeeping activities and progress; share tracking tools and information with partners as needed.
  • Visit prison sites across the state to assist with Roots and beekeeping program planning, implementation, and delivery. When possible, attend classroom sessions and graduation events.
  • Develop and update outreach and support materials to promote programs within and beyond WA Corrections
  • Basic administrative tasks such as: print and copy materials, order supplies, and schedule meetings
  • Be familiar with Green Track concept and scope. As time and resources allow, contribute to new Green Track programs and initiatives.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Roots specific

  • Assist with Roots program evaluation: support administration of Roots of Success surveys; record and enter meaningful testimonials as heard from all program partners.
  • Coordinate instructor and Master Trainer trainings, and attend when possible.
  • Promote and support other activities and programs that enhance and complement Roots’ curriculum and create opportunities for graduates.

Beekeeping specific

  • Promote and support inclusion of beekeeping education and Washington State Beekeepers Association (or equivalent) certification for every beekeeping program; determine preferred strategies for course delivery in prison, and disseminate and support those strategies.
  • Promote and support inclusion of job training opportunities within programs, including manufacturing and distributing beekeeping products and equipment.
  • Assist with Beekeeping program evaluation as needed: contribute to survey development; while formal program evaluation is not in place, actively solicit, record and enter meaningful testimonials as heard from all program partners: students, staff, and guest experts.


  • Work in a collaborative, engaged community of incarcerated individuals , corrections professionals, scientists, researchers, faculty, staff, and students
  • Provide valuable contributions to SPP programs
  • Assist in offering environmental literacy curricula to incarcerated adults.

Required Qualifications

  • Currently enrolled in an Evergreen graduate program
  • No other student employment
  • For fall, winter and spring quarters, available 20 hrs/week (typically 4-5 hour shifts 4 days/week during office hours), plus additional hours, ideally 40 hrs/week during eval break weeks and 30 hrs/week during summer quarter.
  • Available and reliable vehicle for trips to prisons in Washington (mileage will be reimbursed)
  • Willingness and ability to recruit and orient new partners
  • Willingness and ability to work safely in a correctional setting and to communicate and collaborate with Corrections staff and supervisors to address concerns and respond to inmate requests; employment contingent on successful Correction’s security clearance (so program access is possible!)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills: good at active listening and at asserting role and best practices
  • Substantial administrative experience and/or aptitude
  • Willingness and ability to follow directions, collaborate on projects, and give, hear, and respond to feedback