Pacific Hybreed:

Pacific Hybreed, Inc. seeks to establish commercial breeding programs for the mainstays of the U.S. West Coast shellfish industry, specifically: The Pacific oyster and The Manila clam, as well as the high-value Kumamoto oyster.  We seek to improve yield (growth and survival), resilience to environmental stresses and diseases, and other production characteristics; primarily by incorporating advances in selection, crossbreeding, and polyploidy into a proprietary broodstock development program.


Pacific Hybreed is looking for a part-time Hatchery Technician to fill the critical team-member position for “on the ground” hatchery operations and breeding efforts.



Compensation: Base wages for this position are $15/hr



To apply, send cover letter & resume to by August 23, 2019




Job Description:

The Hatchery Technician executes direction from the Hatchery Manager, in operation of Pacific Hybreed’s hatchery at the NOAA Manchester Research Station. Hatchery goals involve the production & culture of phytoplankton, Pacific oysters, Geoduck, Manila clams, Kumamoto oysters, Purple-hinge rock scallops, and potentially other bivalve species.


It is expected that the technician utilizes, and adds to, hatchery resources in order to expedite The Company’s production goals. The Technician should continually improve their working understanding of scientific and technical information relevant to the position.


Additional duties include but are not limited to: maintaining daily & long-term records relating to hatchery operations; tasks related to upkeep of water delivery systems; husbandry of shellfish (water changes, observations, detailed feedings, etc.); experimental research, and the overall maintenance of the facility.




Job Duties:

  • Is the point person for day-to-day operation of a shellfish hatchery, carrying out routine cleaning and maintenance of shellfish culture systems involved in breeding experiments and programs
  • Ensures care of shellfish broodstock, larvae, and spat in accordance with company’s standard operating procedures and with any applicable state & federal regulations
  • Observes and recognizes symptoms of illness or abnormalities in shellfish and takes timely action if such symptoms occur
  • Daily production and maintenance of primary production facility. i.e. consistently produces quality phytoplankton cultures for harvest & feed-out
  • Recognizes that Pacific Hybreed is a data-driven company and abides by data organization for digital records. Hatchery Tech has the capacity to contribute to its evolution
  • Assists with the execution of shellfish breeding programs, including shipment of seed products or broodstock to customers
  • Maintains facility through daily care & upkeep; Helps to design & construct facility upgrades
  • As a member of the team, it is an expectation to work weekends; scheduled in advance
  • Participates in field operations on a regular basis (most field work is central to Hood Canal)




Minimum Qualifications:


  • BS in related field
  • Exposure to the shellfish industry preferred. Is able to speak to bivalve aquaculture
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Works proactively independently, as well as in a team setting
  • Strong time-management & organizational skills
  • Must be dependable, self-motivated, and goal-oriented. Produces work with pride
  • Capable of solving problems through critical & creative thinking
  • Demonstrates basic understanding of tool use & plumbing
  • Confident with basic arithmetic
  • Able to lift 50lbs; repetitive at times
  • Has a keen eye for detail
  • Willing to learn and create
  • Holds a valid drivers license