Sweetgrass Shoreline Restoration Project

Project Outreach, Communication and Coordinator Position

Position Description

The UW Green Futures Research and Design Lab (GFL) is seeking a Project Coordinator for the Sweetgrass Shoreline Restoration Project (SSRP). The Project Coordinator will be responsible for developing and implementing a project to integrate science, planning, and stakeholder participation to develop and test innovative nearshore restoration designs. The PC will conduct outreach and work closely with UW technical staff and tribal, federal, state, county, NGO and city representatives to organize and facilitate an Urban Shoreline Working Group (USWG). The USWG will support and guide plans to design, build, deploy, monitor, assess and communicate innovative designs for reestablishing nearshore emergent habitats to improve wildlife habitat, water quality and provide other ecosystem services along urbanized shorelines.

Primary Job Duties

Work as part of the GFL Project Team leading the development and implementation of project management plans.

Prepare and implement communication and outreach plans to meet and engage Tribal representatives, federal, state and local regulatory stakeholders, local community groups, local shoreline property owners.

Prepare and oversee project schedule to meet achieve project objectives.

Coordinate with the GFL Project Team through weekly team meetings and ongoing communication.

Organize and facilitate regular meetings of the Urban Shoreline Working Group to suggest, review, develop, permit, test and monitor innovative nearshore restoration designs.

Create and deliver presentations and contribute to ongoing project communications through web site, social media and meetings

Participate in production of white papers and journal articles for dissemination and publication.

Experience, Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills

Our ideal candidate will have the following competencies:

Planning and organizing: Anticipates and adjusts for problems; can marshal and use resources effectively and efficiently; can orchestrate multiple activities to accomplish a goal.

Interpersonal capacity: Relates well to all kinds of people, both in and outside of the organizationbuilds effective relationships; uses diplomacy and tact.

Organizational Ability: Can provide organizational leadership; can work with other organizations both through formal channels and informal networks.

Technical Skills: Has digital skills for management and communication.

Manage Effective and Diverse Teams: Creates strong morale; manages people equitably; fosters open dialogue.

Knowledge: related to wetland and fish ecology, lacustrine and riparian landscapes in the Puget Sound lowlands.

Ability to work with regulatory requirements, tribal interests and permitting strategies.

Demonstrated ability to write and communicate clearly and effectively.

Demonstrated ability to successfully plan, facilitate and document meetings.

Position Details

Hourly pay rate $20-$30 (depending on experience level)

Part time contract: December 2019 – December 2021

Hours vary depending on project phase (10-20 hours per week)

Open to Professionals, Masters and PhD students

Interested candidates should submit a CV and brief letter of interest to Leann Andrews, andrewsl@uw.edu by December 11th.