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Salary: $46,644.00 – $62,748.00 Annually
Job Number: 2020-07-7675-05021
Closing: 7/22/2020 11:59 PM Pacific

Forester 2
Natural Resource Specialist 2/Natural Resource Specialist 1 In-Training

Southeast Region – Husum
Recruitment # 2020-07-7675
This is a full-time, permanent, represented position.

Want to join something GREAT and make a difference?

Are you a forester that has been looking for the perfect opportunity to diversify your forestry portfolio? Do the terms ‘forest resiliency’ and ‘forest health’ excite you? The Department of Natural Resources is looking for a forester to join their Southeast Region State Uplands Forestry unit in Husum, WA.

DNR manages 2.1 million acres of working forest on state trust lands for habitat, clean water and sustainable revenue to support public school construction and other beneficiaries. As the state’s largest nonfederal landowner, DNR plays a pivotal role in Washington State’s timber economy and the future of its forest heritage.

In order to achieve a variety of agency objectives, the DNR uses active management of timbered uplands primarily through silvicultural treatments. By promoting forest health and productivity, sustaining wildlife habitat, and maximizing revenue, this style of management plays a key role in keeping Washington’s forested state trust lands vibrant and healthy. Treatments in eastern Washington are wide ranging from harvesting timber to planting trees, thinning young stands, and reducing fuels to minimize fire risk and promote sustainability of resources.  Our public timber sales from these lands are designed to meet the goals of our Habitat Conservation Plan for Forested State Trust Lands and the requirements of the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). And, the volume of timber we seek to sell is guided by a Sustainable Harvest Calculation, authorized by the state Board of Natural Resources. Following harvests, we continuously maintain the health and vigor of our stands by inviting bids on silviculture contracts to replant state trust forests with tree seedlings from our own Webster Forest Nursery and thin young stands for long-term health and sustainability.

In the Klickitat Region, the forests are diverse and productive, from Douglas-Fir to Ponderosa Pine. This position provides professional level forestry expertise on DNR uplands managed for current and future citizens for the state to 1.) sustain long-term ecosystem and economic viability; and 2.) ensure long-term access to the forest lands and the benefits derived from them.

What we will trust you with:

  • Ensuring both operability and feasibility of harvest units by developing a logging plan.
  • Creating silvicultural prescriptions by reviewing and analyzing similar stand prescriptions while consulting with silviculture specialists to devise a plan to successfully manage stands for long-term sustainability.
  • Producing professional documentation that complies with all state and federal regulations, as well as all necessary project permitting.
  • Recommending treatment options tailored to site conditions that ensure forest resiliency to fire and insects.
  • Conducting critical analysis and consulting with specialists for pre-commercial thinning to provide time sensitive treatments for maintaining tree growth and development.
  • Ensuring environmental, social, political and department objectives are met.
  • Creating high quality standardized GIS map products.
  • Designing silviculture contracts.
  • Collecting, processing, and analyzing data that will assist in the development of landscape management plans.
  • Ensuring a safe work environment and good working relationships with neighbors and stakeholders.
  • Providing trust beneficiaries with maximum sale valuation.

Who are we looking for?

Natural Resource Specialist 1 (NRS2- In-Training) candidate has:

  • Knowledge of all laws, policies, and practices related to timber sales program.
  • Knowledge of timber and land management planning and practices.
  • Knowledge of timber sales contract preparation and administration.
  • Knowledge of theory, policy, principles and practices of the forestry profession as applied to Northwestern United States (i.e., fundamentals of: silviculture of Northwest species, markets and economics, cruising methods, sales layout, logging methods, engineering, plant nutrition, propagation and weed control, reforestation and intensive forest practices, recreation, multiple use, inventory, water quality, watershed management and basic principles of fisheries management).
  • Written and verbal communication skills.
  • Facilitation and negotiation skills.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and have two years of driving experience. This position requires driving as an essential function.  Employees who drive for state business, whether in a state or privately-owned vehicle, are required to possess a valid license as defined in policy PO02-006 and abide by all other driver responsibility requirements. Finalists and/or interview candidates will be asked to provide a driving record from all states in which they have held a license during the past three years.

Natural Resource Specialist 2 candidate will meet the NRS1 required qualifications in addition to the qualifications below:

  • Experience with forest management objectives and silvicultural practices.
  • One year of professional forestry experience.
  • Knowledge of Agency policies and Forest Practices requirements for wetland and stream delineation for eastern Washington.
  • Ability to use forest measurement instruments such as compass, clinometer, GPS, laser rangefinder, etc.
  • Knowledge of contracting procedures.
  • Harvest unit and forest road layout experience.
  • Ability to work independently or as part of a team on assigned tasks.
  • Personal Computer use including word, excel, outlook, and ArcGIS.

This level of knowledge and skill is typically achieved with:
A Bachelor’s degree in Forestry or a closely related Natural Resource field and two years of professional experience; orA two year Associate Degree in Forestry or a closely related Natural Resource field and four years of professional experience.

(NRS2) $3,887 – $5,229 per month
(NRS1) $3,446 – $4,627 per month (this job may be filled with a NRS1 in-training)
This may be filled as an in-training. The training plan is up to 24 months. If you complete all elements of the training steps in a shorter amount of time, we may waive the remainder of the time required. Candidates will be considered as Natural Resource Specialist 2, depending on qualifications.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in forest management, forest operations, or silviculture.
  • Two years of professional forestry experience.
  • Experience practicing forestry and silviculture tasks involved in the management of State trust lands.
  • Experience with forestry and silviculture practices in eastern Washington or the intermountain northwest.
  • Experience with timber marketing and financial appraisals.
  • Experience utilizing forest growth and yield simulators.
  • Facilitation and negotiation skills.
  • Knowledge and demonstrated application of the Incident Command System.
  • Six months of supervisory experience with responsibility for assigning work to other staff, coaching other staff, and evaluating the work product of other staff.

The Location:
Nestled in the Columbia River Gorge along the White Salmon River, Husum Washington sits quietly, waiting to be discovered. A beautiful, quaint, little town with scenic views of Mt. Adams and a lively whitewater rafting and kayaking scene. It is the perfect town for a genuine outdoor enthusiast. Only a short distance north is the Mt. Adams Recreation Area and beautiful country to camp and hike in. The Columbia River–just a short drive south–offers a variety of water sports and fishing. Bigger cities such as Hood River and Portland are only a short distance across the river with a variety of restaurants and shopping opportunities. Husum truly is a small town for the adventurous soul.

Why work for DNR?
At DNR, we value public service, innovation and creative problem solving, safety and well-being, and leadership and teamwork. At DNR you’ll support the vision of a sustainable future by using your skills to protect and manage the state’s natural resources for both current and future generations. As a DNR employee, you’ll work with the public’s interest in mind as we manage more than 5 million acres of state-owned forest, range, commercial, agricultural and aquatic lands. But managing lands is only half of our story. We house the Washington Geological Survey, a dynamic program that is the primary source of geological products and services in support of decision making in Washington. We also protect other public resources such as fish, wildlife, water, and provide public access to outdoor recreation. Two of our largest and most important state-wide resource protection responsibilities are fire prevention and suppression, and overseeing forest practices.

We are nearly 1,500 employees strong and dedicated to making DNR a great place to work. Our mission is to serve Washington’s lands and communities; build strong and healthy rural communities; enhance forest health and wildfire management; strengthen the health and resilience of our lands and waters; and increase public engagement and commitment to our public lands and resources. In partnership with citizens and governments, we provide innovative leadership and expertise to ensure environmental protection, public safety, perpetual funding for schools and communities, and a rich quality of life.  At DNR we approach our work through the lens of making Washington a better place environmentally, economically and socially for current and future generations.

What makes DNR a great place to work?

  • Transitioning to a modern work environment
  • Mobile work
  • Infants at work program
  • Commitment to organizational health and wellness
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council
  • Leadership that empowers and supports employees
  • Work/life balance
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Educational aid and career development stipends
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Eligibility
  • Opportunities to participate in wildland fire suppression assignments
  • Opportunities to stretch your professional skills
  • A comprehensive benefit package that includes employer contributions toward health insurance, paid holidays, retirement plans, sick leave and vacation days. Visit for more information.

Application Process

To be considered you must apply online at (Click on the APPLY button above). You must complete the entire online application to be considered for the position.

  • You must attach the following:
    • A letter of interest describing how your experience and qualifications relate to the position profile, required and desired position qualifications, and special position requirements.
    • A resume including the names of three to five professional references

Carefully review your application materials before submitting. If you fail to submit the required documents or complete the entire online application, you may no longer be considered for the position by the supervisor.

Application Status – once you submit your online application, you can check your status by logging into your account.  Finalists for the position will be contacted by the hiring manager directly. Recruitment may be extended depending on the quantity and quality of the application pool.

Questions?  Please contact Albert Durkee at (541) 490-3678, or e-mail us at

Washington State Department of Natural Resources is an Equal Opportunity Employer and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind.  We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities in a fair and impartial manner for all persons without regard to age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, creed, color, national origin, religion, pregnancy/parental status, genetic information, military status, political affiliation, criminal history or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability or the use of a trained service animal by a person with a disability.  Persons with a disability who need assistance during the screening process or those needing this announcement in an alternative format may contact DNR Recruiting staff (360) 902-1350 or (360) 902-1139.  DNR may be contacted using the Washington State Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) by dialing 711.