The Chambers Clover Creek Watershed Council invites individuals with knowledge and expertise on the topic of Stormwater to submit a short topic abstract to be considered for the annual Chambers-Clover Creek Watershed Issues Forum, currently scheduled for the late afternoon of Wednesday, November 18, 2020, tentatively at Pacific Lutheran University — although it is probable that this year’s forum will become a virtual online event due, dependent on COVID-19, university policies, and what phase the county is in this fall.

Examples of potential topics could be:
• Stormwater 101: what is it, how is it managed, what are effects of stormwater on x…
• Toxins in stormwater
• Salmon morbidity and stormwater
• Improving Water Quality with stormwater retrofits
• Maintaining private residential stormwater infrastructure: stormwater retention ponds and roles of HOAs
• Low Impact Development and Green Stormwater Infrastructure – rain gardens, bioswales
• Stormwater regulations – Clean Water Act, NPDES municipal stormwater permit, TMDLs
• Clover Creek TMDL Alternative update
• Stormwater at Home: How Residents can protect water quality (and quantity)
• Navigating useful online weather/stream gauge portals (online demonstration)
Other – Propose a topic not mentioned above, we welcome your ideas!!!

First, the more specific to the Chambers-Clover creek watershed, the better. Presentations should be between 5-10 minutes in length and include slides or sharing of documents or webpages. There will be time for Q&A after the presentations. We may divide the presenters up into panels based on themed topics that emerge from the abstracts received. We envision having 7-10 speakers total, but if the event goes virtual we may adjust the format and number of speakers. We will record the presentations to make them available to the public afterword. Speakers should have access to internet/technology to be able to present in a virtual format.

If you’d like to submit an abstract for consideration, please do so no later than Monday, August 31, 2020 using the online submission form here: 2020 WIF Speaker Abstracts:
A link to the abstract form is also posted on the CCWC webpage:

If you have any questions about this event or your proposed topic, please don’t hesitate to contact either me (contact info below) or Barbara Ann Smolko before August 31st at 253-798-6156 or

Krystal L. Kyer (she/her)
Watershed Planner & Puyallup-White River LIO Coordinator
Pierce County Planning & Public Works
C:(253) 307-0819|O:(253) 798-2485|