Hello Colleagues!

This is our biggest event of the year and it’s going to be all youth-led and very inspiring. We feature some very creative storytelling, spoken word, and other ways of igniting the passion of youth, voters, policymakers, and all adults who care, or should care, about advancing a sustainable future. We already have over 100 people registered. It will be live streamed. Spread the word… because this is what hope looks like.

Join us for Sustainability Ambassadors’ livestream event: 2050 UPDATE “Covid Generation” August 27 at 7:00 PM

People need to see what hope looks like. Pass it on.  

Here’s why we are inviting the world…

  • The Covid Generation of today’s youth are UNSTOPPABLE.
  • Friends, family, and coworkers will be FILLED with hope.
  • People will LEARN a lot about the systemic connections needed for a sustainable future.
  • People will be FASCINATED by our creative approach to strategic storytelling.
  • People love to HEAR about what’s working, what’s possible, the positive trends.

Take a moment to register yourself and also reach out to your personal and professional networks, people who share a passion for youth leadership, who share our mission to “rapidly advance a sustainable future.

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Your strategic involvement can make a BIG difference. Thank you!


Sustainability Ambassadors

2050 UPDATE – Covid Generation

Youth-Led Live Stream Friendraiser | Fundraiser

August 27 at 7:00pm

Expecting a huge crowd. We want you to be part of it

Student Ambassadors present an inspiring, informative, creative program including the following surprises…

All Hands Zoom Symphony

Ambassador Emma Bi of the Seattle Youth Symphony plays oboe while 50 Ambassadors perform a mesmerizing suite of gestures calling “all hands” to rapidly advance a sustainable future.

Collective Impact Report

Young leaders give a crisp, comprehensive report on impact projects both those completed and  on the drawing board in collaboration with one or more community, government, or business partners.

My Life in 2050

A panel of teens from 2020, reunited in 2050 as productive, middle-aged members of their community with busy careers and families, reflect on the incredible sequence of events that led to a sustainable future.

Spoken Word for a Better Future

Young writers perform original work, including arguments among Puget Sound species on who is the most endangered, and a rousing tribute to the passions, determination, and capacity of the unstoppable “Covid Generation.”

Rethinking School for 2050

Will there really be a bell schedule in 2050? Will grades really be needed? Do students sit in classrooms or serve in direct relation to community needs, projects, and performance measures?

The Great Disruption Debate

An audience favorite! Top student debaters attempt to convince the audience (interactive polling!) on which creative disruption will advance a sustainability future with the greatest scale at the greatest speed?

Our Biggest Event of the Year!