INFORMATION ON THE SPECIAL ISSUE: Geography is inextricably linked to sustainability. From local communities to national citizens to global agreements, there is a complex interplay between natural and social processes. In unison, these interacting forces determine our future sustainability.   Addressing global issues of climate change, biodiversity loss, ocean pollution, or systemic environmental injustice feels overwhelming, so people frequently decide to take local actions to promote sustainability. Indeed, these individual or community activities, when multiplied across the globe, are often the most feasible way to affect change, particularly when national or international politics halt progress toward sustainability.

This Special Issue will explore the complex interplay between sustainability actions at the local-to-global scale. From this geographic perspective, these articles will provide interdisciplinary examples of how people take local and regional action to address national and global sustainability issues.  Authors are invited to submit high-quality original manuscripts that explore these topics through case studies, current research reviews, evidence-based experiences, or applied analysis of relevant local-to-global sustainability actions.

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