Case Studies in the Environment Prize Competition

The editors of Case Studies in the Environment are pleased to announce the Fourth Case Studies in the Environment Prize Competition, offering a $2,000 prize for best environmental case study, as well as two $500 honorable mention prizes. Deadline for submissions: November 15, 2020.


Accepted, published articles will be further evaluated for their contribution to teaching environmental concepts to students or practitioners. This includes making the best use of the complement of learning support features that the journal provides, such as Case Study Questions, Teaching Notes, and Slides.

To be eligible for consideration for the prize, submitted pieces to the journal will have to clear our peer review process and be accepted for publication. After acceptance, the editors of each section will propose a selection of semi-finalist articles to the Editor-in-Chief, who will select the winning articles. Learn more about our editorial team:

All cases submitted after October 15, 2019 and by the deadline on November 15, 2020, and later accepted for publication (including those submitted prior to this announcement) will be eligible, except any cases written by members of the editorial team, editorial board, or their family members.


University of California faculty and staff, while welcome to participate in the competition, are ineligible for the cash prizes, but may opt to receive an award of UC Press books of equal value in lieu of cash payment. For multi-authored articles, payment will be made to the primary author or another single author designated by the primary author.


To enter, follow our guidance for Article Cases as outlined in our Author Information: Manuscript templates are provided within the Author Information for your convenience. Be sure to submit your Article Case no later than November 15, 2020. Winners will be notified in spring 2021, or sooner if all eligible entries have reached final decision. All entries should be submitted via our online submission system: Questions can be directed to Liba Hladik, Managing Editor, at


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Wil Burns, Editor-in-Chief, Case Studies in the Environment

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