On September 15th, current Presidential Management Fellows will offer a webinar to share information about opportunities in the US Forest Service through the Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) program.

Will you help us spread the word about our upcoming webinar to your students?  Please share our event details with any relevant listservs in your department. Below is an email template that you can use.

Webinar announcement!

The Presidential Management Fellowship and the US Forest Service

September 15th, 1-2 PM EST

Connection information: Adobe Connect https://usfs.adobeconnect.com/pmf-1000/

Audio: 888-844-9904; AC: 7398094#

No registration needed

The Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) is a two-year leadership development program in the federal government for advanced degree candidates. In this webinar, current PMFs will be sharing some general information about both the PMF program and the US Forest Service. We will also provide some perspective on the PMF experience at the US Forest Service, including positions held by current and former PMFs. We will reserve time for a Q & A session.

More information on the PMF program is available here. Please note that OPM will also be offering additional webinars providing more general information on the PMF program and the application process. See this link for details.

We hope you will join on the 15th!