Join Cuauhtemoc Villa (Bokashi, soil health, and biochar inoculation expert) to learn about biochar, bokashi and the interconnections between microbes, healthy soil, and water. Bokashi (fermented Organic Matter) utilizes effective microbes (EM) that ferment organic matter in the soil making nutrients more bio-available for the plants. Learn how these and other permaculture techniques can affect the soil and water in the Johnson Creek Watershed.

Cuauhtemoc Villa is a bokashi and biochar educator, consultant, and a restoration technician with Sound Native Plants. He restores ecosystems and focuses on permaculture techniques, biochar, bokashi, guerrilla gardening, and food sovereignty. He has been teaching youth and adult education on these topics for years and focuses on how to improve and maintain very productive soil. He is a talented and natural teacher with an amazing ability to merge indigenous knowledge and ways with modern techniques. Cuauhtemoc consults with Biocarbon Associates, is an educator with The Advanced Permaculture Student Online, a member of The Nootka Rose Farm Collective and has worked with the Sonoma Biochar initiative.

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