MPA General Capstone

Announcing the General/Public-NonProfit Administration/Public Policy Cohort Capstone presentation schedule – you are welcome to attend any/all!


Congratulations to the presenters!


THURSDAY JUNE 5, 2014 (6-9p in Sem 2 D1105)

6:00     Casey Carter – GRuB Strategic Planning

6:15     Haley Rice and Tara Weaver– Business Plan for a Farm

6:30     Meagan Darrow and Meghan Sullivan– Nonprofit Employee Engagement

6:45     Simon Gorbaty – Worker Cooperatives

7:00     Josh Martinsen and Pixie Needham – Tenino Quarry Pool/ Operations Plan

7:15     Lars Andreassen – Co-Op Preschool Capacity Building

7:30     Jamie Yoder and Andrew Beattie – Afterschool Programs in Yelm

7:45     Pedro Garcia and Kenny DeShiro-Harper – Yelm Lions Foundation Six-Year Strategic Plan

8:00     Michael Ellsworth – Recidivism & Remediation of Disciplined Healthcare Professionals

8:15     Shauna Muendel – The Connection Between TB and Diabetes

8:30     Christopher Barnes, Jennifer Johnson, and Jane Wall – Arts Education and Development


SATURDAY JUNE 7, 2014 (9a-2p in Sem 2 E1105)

9:00     Christy Bezanson – DSHS Program Evaluation

9:15     Caitlyn Jekel – Accountability Measures for Industry Specific Training Programs

9:30     Megan Brownlee and Andrew Oommen – Eviction and the Sociology of Rental Markets

9:45     Gretchen Simons, Michael Sloan, and Vitali Litvin – PARC Foundation Strategic Plan

10:00   Rochelle Morris and Sheila Smith – Implementing Public Policy

10:15   Erick Agina – Labor &  Industries Project Planning

10:30   Todd Haskins and Renee Noby– Brownfields in Washington State

10:45   Jennifer Nortrup and Adam Trimble – How Local Governments Promote Sustainable Development

11:00   Lisa Harper – Light Pollution in Olympia, WA

11:15   Cecelia Loveless – Implementing an Institutional Effectiveness Model as SPSCC

11:30   Ashley Daniel – The Effects of Local Sourcing Law: Farmers and Processors in WA State

11:45   Deborah O’Neill, Julia Rose, and Kara Seldin – Moving Charter Schools Forward in WA State:  Administrative Documents at WSCSC

12:00   Rachel Dreon – Evolving the Evergreen Experiment


12:15   BREAK

12:30   Katitza Holthaus – Estuary Project Plan (CLAMP)

12:45   Carly Kujath – Operation Place Safety:  Group Violence Reduction Strategy for Prisons

1:00     Nicolette Wegner – Inclusive Intimacy:  Documentary

1:15     Rachel Burke and Gloria Martin – Dual Credit in High School

1:30     Rebecca Reule – Funding TOGETHER!

1:45     Heather Smith – More Efficient Technology Processes