Passive Solar Aquaponics Greenhouse

The Passive Solar Aquaponics Greenhouse is being constructed! Right now! This project has been in-the-works for two years and Joe is in the process of actualizing it. Its foundation was poured last week (by some contractors). Joe and some workers from our maintenance crew are busy on putting up the frame. This is simply fantastic.

It has been awhile since a student-originated project has been able to “break ground” in this manner.

Now, we must ask what I like to call, “The Legacy Question”: who will maintain projects like these once the founders have moved on from Evergreen? Luckily, there are a lot of answers. Most of them are related to students.

RAD started this project, thus RAD and its student workforce will ultimately be responsible for it. However, there are ways to share responsibilities and benefits of the greenhouse. Volunteers , residents, interested groups from student activities, and students who wish to fold the greenhouse into their academics could help to maintain and learn from the greenhouse. The wonderful thing about this project, and all of Sustainability’s projects, is that it has the potential to bring RAD even closer to the other aspects of Evergreen.

We plan on posting about possible learning opportunities upon the completion of construction.

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