2D Labs

Available Facilities:

There are two 2D Animation Labs. One lab is located in the Library, the other is in the Communications building across campus.

  • 2D Rotoscope > Lib. 1408 (24/7 accessible)
  • 2D Multi-Use > Com. 309 (accessible only during Com building open hours. Please fill out Late Night Access paperwork in Com 301 for access after open hours)

Field Guides:

When shooting HD projects are natively 16:9. To frame artwork please use this 16:9 fieldguide.

Production Techniques:

Cut-out, 2D drawn, sand animation, paint on glass, collage, and rotoscoping animation techniques are all done here. Capturing frames is done using the application Dragonframe and a DSLR camera.  Messy animation projects including paint on glass, and sand animation, are only allowed on the Messy Stand in the  2D Lab Multi-Use Lab in the Communications building.

Common Lab Specs:
  • Canon Rebel T5i DSLR camera mounted on a compound table featuring 35mm prime lenses and polarizing filter
  • Mac Pro Tower
  • Dual computer monitors
  • ACME hole punch
  • Glass multi-plane
2D Multi-Use Lab Specs:
  • Messy Stand
2D Rotoscope Lab Specs:
  • Rear-projection rotoscoping station with animation disc and data projector
Checkout Items:
  • Platen (for flattening artwork)