Access Policies

Please use common sense, better judgment, and courtesy in these facilities. If you are unsure about anything please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help YOU, and maintain the accessibility of these resources for everyone.


All users must be a currently enrolled student, and have passed proficiency certification from animation staff. Use of facilities is available only for work on current academic projects. Users that need a significant amount of time should check in advance with animation support staff, Aaron Kruse, for time allocations, or regarding special equipment considerations. ~ Email us to request a proficiency training.


  • To use the animation labs, always have time reserved and check out a key through Media Loan (360) 867-6253.
  • Always maintain the security of the keys and the room.  Report any lost or stolen items to both Media Loan and Animation Staff.
  •  When your scheduled time is up you must leave the space if another user is coming in for their session. During hours that scheduling is possible you can schedule more time if facilities are available. During the weekend, or late evening you can stay longer if you record your hours in the log book.
Usage Considerations:
  • Every time that you use a facility you must sign the logbook and fill in all the provided fields. Record any issues with the space or technical problems in detail, or better yet, email us.
  • Treat all equipment and the contents of the room with care. Do not remove items from the lab, do not unplug or alter the space, and clean up after yourself.
  • When using a facility you must wear shoes and be fully clothed.
  • Do not use food products, sand, liquids, or other messy substances in the lab without first getting approval from animation staff.
  • No one is allowed to use the facilities while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Prep work such as set and puppet construction must happen outside the labs.
  • You may not store personal items in the room. Lockers are available for check-out down the hall.
  • Special equipment, tools, and materials are available for checkout from animation staff. Lost or broken items will be charged to your student account.