Visual Art Submissions

Listed below are directions for submitting your visual media (photos, paintings, animations, short films, etc.) to the ESMP. Each copy of the final product will contain a CD of audio accompanied by a USB drive loaded up with as much visual media as we can fit on it.

How to submit:

1. Connect to the server “afp://Rosebud”
(When using an on-campus Mac computer, click on the desktop then click “GO” at the top of the page, then “Connect To Server”)
(When connecting to server off-campus or on a Windows computer, refer to the Help Wiki)

2. Click “Temporary”

3. Drop in the folder labeled “ESMP Visual Art”


Also feel free to stop by the ESMP meetings on Thursdays at 11am in the 5.1 Mix Room, ground floor of the Library, Room 1328.


Winter Week 4

It’s week 4 of Winter quarter! The final music selections have been chosen, and the flyers are around to collect visual media. We will be giving out handbills at today’s meeting (@ 11am in the 5.1 mix room; ground floor of library next to the CCAM) so you can help promote for visual media submissions. We will also be talking about some more “business-y” stuff.

All Evergreen students, staff, and faculty are welcome at our weekly meetings which always happen at 11am in the 5.1 mix room on Thursdays. If there is ever a meeting cancellation in the future, it will be posted on this blog.

Have a great day, and keep creating!

ESMP 2015

Hello all!

We are now accepting submissions for this year’s ESMP! Go to the SUBMIT page on this blog to submit your own original musical demo (lo-fi demos are A.O.K. and will not weigh against your chances of being selected for the project). We also have a Soundcloud page that you can SEND A MESSAGE to with your music ( At least one member of each band must be a currently-enrolled Evergreen student.

After submissions have been gone through, we will contact the artists and set you up with a student from the Advanced Multi-track class who will re-record the chosen song in our fabulous campus studios. The Multi-track Studio that was recently renovated now has a 32-channel Neve mixer that will make you drool! Sounds AMAZING!

Have your music pressed to CD and archived on the internet! What more could you want?! (don’t answer that).


Peace be the journey!

ESMP presents “TWINWE: Command+Z” Concert

Hello everyone, operation TWINWE is underway. In collaboration with the Electronic Media interns, the ESMP will be having a 2-night concert on Valentines Day Weekend (Week 6). Four to six bands/musicians will be performing in the COM building’s Experimental Theater from 8PM to 11 or so. Admission is free, so come check it out!

Curious about TWINWE?:  Keep checking back on the TWINWE blog for updates.