ESMP Submissions Update 12/4/18

Thank you everyone for your submissions!!! We understand that everyone is currently busy wrapping up their academic work. Because of this, we are postponing today’s meeting until the first Tuesday of winter quarter (January 8th) to listen to all the submissions and make final selections for the ESMP. If you haven’t yet, this is your last chance to submit your music for consideration. We hope to see you there and have a great winter break.

-Your friendly neighborhood audio interns

Fall 2018- First Update!!!

We are now accepting submissions for the 2018-19 ESMP!!!! You can submit demos of your music via the ‘SUBMIT!’ tab on this site for a chance to have it re-recorded in the multitrack studios on campus. Submissions are due Monday of week 10 (12/3/18). The recording quality of your submission will have no bearing on whether or not it is accepted, but you do need to submit either an mp3 or WAV file; if you are unable to submit an mp3 or WAV file you can use the ‘SUBMIT!’ page to contact us without attaching a file. Please let us know if you are interested in performing your music live as we may be hosting a concert later in the school year. We are looking forward to hearing your music!

Currently we plan to have meetings on Tuesdays at 4:30pm. Please come if you would like to be a more involved member of the project. We will be sifting through submissions together, sharing music and ideas, and planning for the future.

Happy middle of the quarter! Keep doing good work and making cool music!

– Your friendly neighborhood audio interns

ESMP Fall 2017 Update

Hey Greeners, We are excited to work with you all this year to make this year’s ESMP (Evergreen Student Media Project)!

Demos will be accepted until Week 8 of Fall Quarter. In winter, the Multitrack Composition class will work with those whose submissions have been selected. They will record everything with you and help produce your music in our incredible recording studio. Come Spring, we will have created a well produced full album compilation of all the selected submissions. IF A TRACK YOU HAVE SUBMITTED IS ACCEPTED, THAT IS THE TRACK THAT YOU WILL BE RECORDING IN THE WINTER QUARTER.  YOU MUST BE ENROLLED AS A STUDENT AT THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE TO BE CONSIDERED.

You can submit your demos at the Submit! tab on this blog; we accept .wav or .mp3 files. If you have any troubles with submitting a .wav or .mp3 file(s), you can leave us a link to your track in the “message” section on the Submit page. If you need help or have additional question, feel free to message us on our Facebook.

We will also be looking to add new content this year. Although the centerpiece will be the music compilation, if you make film, animation, music videos, music visualizers, photography, 3D printable files, or any other media/art content, we are pursuing new ways to host your content in our archive, so if you have ideas speak up!  We will be asking for additional media submissions in the Winter quarter. If you want to connect with us about what content you want to include, please come to our meetings from 4:30-5:15pm on Thursdays in the 5.1 room (Lib 1328) at the bottom of the library past the Electronic Media front desk. At the meeting, we will be able to catch you up on the project, answer any questions and listen to your input on how to make this the best ESMP that we can.


The time has come for your submissions to come in! Theres only a week or two left before we have to stop taking any more in. Thanks to everyone who has already submitted, this year is lookin’ good! We will be having meetings on Mondays at 3 o’clock in the 5.1 room in the library building’s first floor.


Songs have been chosen

After receiving nearly 30 songs and much debate between the board members, we have selected the 19 tracks for the 2015-2016 Evergreen Student Media Project album. All artists will be contacted shortly, those selected for the album will be receiving calls or emails from an Audio Engineer to set up time in the Advanced Multi-Track Studio to record your song. Those who did not get selected for the album will still have there songs featured on the USB if they desire.

Thank you all for your submissions, looking forward to hearing the progress as the album comes together!

January 14th Meeting

We will be hosting another ESMP meeting in CAB 301 from noon till 1 if you are interested. We will be listening to our newest submissions, probably a few of the others as well and making a decision on which songs will be on this years album. So come out and let your voice be heard.

First Meeting

We will be holding our first meeting of the year as a group this Thursday, November 12th, at noon down in the 5.1 room (Lib 1328). We will be discussing a few topics, primarily what format do we want to distribute this years album on (CD/vinyl record/tape/USB) and forming sub committees to help spread the word on what the Evergreen Student Media Project is all about. If you are interested in attending or want to be involved in some way, please stop in and see us.

Snacks will be provided!!!

ESMP 2016 is open!!!

Hello all!

We are now accepting submissions for this year’s ESMP! Go to the SUBMIT page on this blog to submit your own original musical demo (lo-fi demos are O.K.). We also have a Soundcloud page that you can SEND A MESSAGE to with your music ( At least one member of each band must be a currently-enrolled Evergreen student.

After submissions have been gone through, we will contact the artists and set you up with a student from the Advanced Multi-track class who will re-record the chosen song in our fabulous campus studios. The Multi-track Studio that was recently renovated now has a 32-channel Neve mixer that will make you drool! Sounds AMAZING!

Have your music pressed to CD and archived on the internet! What more could you want?! (don’t answer that).