Audio Studios

All studios are for academic use only and require a proficiency with Electronic Media 867-6270.

Mixing Bench 1 & 2 – Introductory audio editing studios with 24/7 access.

5.1 mix – Multi-purpose room for video and audio post production and used as both a critique and teaching space. Also has 7.1 surround sound playback and mixing options.

Audio Lab – Advanced multi-track recording space that is connected to the Center for Creative and Applied Media. This space is prioritized to the audio curriculum.

Sound Effects Studio – Post production audio studio with 24/7 access. Can also be scheduled to the adjacent Audio Lab and used as an isolation booth.

Music Oasis 16-track – Advanced multi-track recording studio that is used by the Advanced Recording programs.

Advanced Music Technology Studio  Рutilized by the advanced electronic music program, Hybrid.

Introductory Music Technology Studio – Utilized by the program, Introductory To Electronic Music.