Access Policies

All users must be current students, staff or faculty and have passed proficiency certification from the audio interns and staff. Use of facilities is available only for work on credit generating academic projects. The multi-track studios are for students that are currently enrolled in the Intro or Advanced Multi-track Recording programs. Contract students who have been through the recording programs are admitted with approval from Zenaida Vergara Audio Technician and or Peter Randlette Manager of Electronic Media.

To use the labs, reserve time and check out a key through Media Loan (360) 867-6253.

Access Policy for the Library 24 hour Audio Studios

 Audio Lab – Library 1360 and Music Oasis Portable: This studio is accessed only for students who are currently enrolled in the audio recording programs. Approved contracts students who have completed the audio recording programs can use the studios with permission from Electronic Media. This studio is scheduled at Media Loan that is processed by the Audio Intern at 9 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

SFX Studio, 5.1, Mixing Benches: These studios require a proficiency that can be scheduled at the front desk of Media Loan. After the proficiency you will be entered into the scheduling system for the remainder of your student status at Evergreen. The studios can be scheduled at Media Loan where you must also check out keys. These keys must be checked out and returned based around your studio times. Avoid taking these keys home as you are financially responsible for the cost of the lost keys and stolen equipment.

Electronic Music Studios: These studios are accessed by currently enrolled students in either the Intro or Advanced Electronic Music Studios. These studios are scheduled by the faculty and intern on a weekly basis. Keys can be picked up at Media Loan.

Basic Rules:
No food or drinks in the studios.
Sign in the Log Book and report any studio, hardware, or software issues.
No visitors in the studios.
Do not allow anyone access to the studios or building.
Do not prop doors open when taking breaks in either the studio or exterior building doors during closed hours. You are endangering the safety of yourself and others. You are also exposing the studios to theft.
Report any suspicious persons to Police Services X6140 or dial 0.

Failure to follow these rules will result in loss of access.

Contact list:
Peter Randlette 867-6279
Zenaida Vergara 867-5277
Audio Intern 867-5848
Electronic Media 867-6270
Media Loan 867-6253