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Barbara Winslow

Spring time may be here, but sometimes we’re still catching up from Winter.  Here is a great lecture we just got permission to use by the wonderful Barbara Winslow, feminist activist, historian, and professor from Brooklyn College.

Week 7 update and Stratic – Live in the CCAM 2.17.12

Wow this quarter is going by fast.  We here are all gearing up for the intern show next Friday – Evergreen Variety.  The first of 3 Friday shows, each one is airing at 7:00 pm for weeks 8, 9 and 10 – March 2nd, 9th, and 16th.  Come be in our audience, we’d love to have you attend in person!

Last Friday we shot a very special show.  The members of Stratic, an awesome experimental jazz band from Oakland, California played for an hour in our studio.  Here’s the intro:

Winter 2012 week 6 update

And, BOOM, we’re at Week 6!
All of us have been heavily involved in productions with several classes or have been recovering from being sick! Yuck!
Currently, we have two independent contract students using smaller spaces, and groups from Mediaworks, Communication and Social Change in American History and recently the Masters In Teaching program in and out regularly! There have been a few other side productions, and we’re trying to edit them and get them up on the blog for you all the see!

Here are a few stills from projects we have been working on with Mediaworks for their Still-To-Moving shoots!










-Dave, Raoul, Eric and Cait




Alumni Lecture Series 2011 — Kelly Kaczynski

In the last installment of the Fall 2011 Alumni Lecture Series, Kelly Kaczynski speaks about her artistic beginnings, artists who inspire her, and her grand installations.  As a bonus, she also shares with us video of her in-progress performance art.