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Learning Pronunciation:

Tone and PinYin practice

Pinyin Conversion Project

Pinyin Practice Page (IU)


Pinyin practice

YouTube Pinyin practice intro:


English-Chinese Dictionary

English-Chinese Online Dictionary by H. Xin

Lin Yutang Dictionary Chinese Character Dictionary

English-Chinese Dictionary of Medical Terms

Dictionary Web


Chinese Writing

Chinese World

Chinese Idioms 成語

Computer Programs:

Clavis Sinica

China Link OSU Info

Chinese Computing Info Page

Learn Characters & Chinese Writing

Chinese Characters FAQ

Online Flash Card

Chinese Characters Test

Simplified Chinese Writing

Radical learning Chinese Radicals Review, or Youtube video

people energy again big woman son small
heart sun moon wood water fire field
ear walk gold door food horse stone mountain
Click on the character to learn more about each radical.
Chinese Radicals Flashcards download (Jeffrey Hayden)

Phone Apps and Others:

CCTV China Television

Learn how to input Chinese in Window X

On-Line Chinese Tools (Erik Peterson)

Instructions on Using iPhone/iPod Touch to Write SMS Messages or Emails in Chinese,news-1507.html

Popular phone apps for learning Chinese

Ten free apps and websites to use for Learning Chinese: