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Chinese Language Study at Evergreen

Study Abroad Program

Why study abroad?
    * Studying abroad will help you to become more successful in academics and your future career.
    * Studies have shown that study abroad can strengthen marketable career skills, such as ability 
      to work in teams and be flexible.
    * Studying abroad helps develop global awareness in the academic world and everyday life.
    * Studying in a non-English speaking country helps you to become proficient in a new language!
    * Studying abroad helps you experience personal growth; a greater sense of confidence, independence, 
      and sense of direction.
    * You can build lifelong friendships with people from around the world!

A summer study abroad program will be offered in 2020 for those who are interested in studying in China and Taiwan. Planning for this study abroad is underway and updates will be posted on the Study Abroad program site. Please check the program page for more details or Check with faculty Lin Crowley for more information.

The opportunity to apply for a four week study scholarship provided by Washington Confucius Institute is made possible for those interested. In order to apply for this scholarship students will need to take a HSK test. You can take one in February (date tba) at Evergreen or at the University of Washington.

Read one of the blog entries of an Evergreen’s faculty member Susan Fiksdal, You can also review one of the allumni’s Taiwan wordpress sites for ideas of inspiration:

Important Date–

February 1st: Notify the faculty of your interest and sign up to take a HSK test. You are to pay a test fee based on the level of HSK test you will be taking, fee ranging from $20 to $40. Testing fee(s) will be due before the date of testing to the faculty administering the test. Program fees and deposit will be due later at the College Cashier’s Office in program account to secure your participation.

Contact faculty Lin Crowley at 360-867-6239 or for more updates.

Proposed class schedule 

Please check program web site for updated information and schedule on the program, the costs, the application procedures and credit requirements and equivalencies.

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  • saud

    It seems that the future has now shifted to Chinese after English was the main language. In our schools in Saudi Arabia, Chinese has become one of the basic languages. This clearly shows the emergence of China on the international level, but the reality of Chinese is difficult in terms of learning, but the history of China encourages To learn the language, I am a fan of ancient Chinese civilization.

  • lovas hersi

    This sound really interesting.I am a big fan of Chinese culture.Is possible to apply for the end of this year ?

  • crowleyl

    Please contact me by email to for more conversation. Thanks.

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