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Chinese Language Study at Evergreen

Offerings at Evergreen

Chinese, First Year I, II & III

The introductory Chinese courses are offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring, and will emphasize on the mastery of standard Chinese pronunciation and the building of useful vocabularies. Students with no or some prior experience will learn Chinese pinyin system and modern Mandarin Chinese through vigorous interactive practice and small group activities. The class is fast-paced with use of internet and computerized software to accelerate the learning. Chinese history and culture will be included as it relates to each language lesson. Field trip will also be conducted to help create a language immersion experience as well as to enhance students’ understanding of Chinese culture. Class meets every Tuesday and Thursday, from 6 to 8pm. Location library 2610, inside of Computer Center.

Chinese, Advanced Beginning or Intermediate

For those students who have taken beginning Chinese course or who have had at least one quarter college-level Chinese learning and are familiar with the Chinese pinyin system they can contact the faculty or dean to request to take the Advanced Chinese classes. Advanced or intermediate Chinese Courses may be offered @ Evergreen in the future if many demands or requests form. Students learn new sentence structures and build up additional vocabulary so they can carry on conversation in a variety of situations. Students work to improve pronunciation while expanding understanding of Chinese context and grammatical constructions. It is designed to reinforce and build upon previous skills through interactive practice of spoken and written Chinese. Learning activities also include speaker presentations, field trips, and Chinese film and media. Check back for course time and location.

Evergreen Olympia campus has a language lab, where students can practice language using lab softwares, or with language lab tutors. The language programs are currently Offered through Evening Weekend Studies.

Study Abroad in China and Taiwan will be offered again. Please check with the faculty for more information for the study abroad program offering.

These study-abroad programs offer students an opportunity to study in China, and every other year, in Taiwan, and to have an introduction to their unique culture. Students registering for the class will have the opportunity to travel to China (and Taiwan) to participate in a summer program at a University in Taiwan and China. The university experience will offer Chinese language and culture classes and insight into Chinese current relationship with USA and the world.

Students will be encouraged to document the trip and continue the learning through seminars and film viewing and documentary making upon their return for the remainder of the second session. Please see Study Abroad program tab for more information.