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Our 2021 study trip will begin with 2 weeks in Taiwan. Then, for those who received Chinese Scholarship, 4 weeks in Beijing, China. We will study in Chinese Culture University’s Language Center in Taipei for the first week, and tour around the island, before heading to China, and study in either Beijing or Shanghai. More information will be posted later, as they are ready.

You can see some of the photos from our 2018 study trip here:

See more of our photos from previous trip:

Our 2011 summer study trip started in Shanghai, Tongji University. Students also travel to the western China to visit the historical LongMen Grotto and Xian for Chinese and culture learning.

Shanghai at night

TESC students @ Tongji University (below)


Visiting Suzhou

Visiting Pearl Tower in Shanghai


Visiting the wonderful LongMen Grotto

See other blogs and journals here from our students who participated in our previous study trips–

Aileen’s photo collection:

Diana’s blog:

2014 Taiwan Study Trip:

Our 2014 summer study trip started in Taipei, Taiwan, at the Cultural University. We also went to Tainan Normal University, where we learned not only language, Chinese painting, and Calligraphy. We also traveled to the southern and eastern Taiwan for excellent geographic exploration and learning.

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Summer study abroad is offered again in 2018!

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