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Study Abroad in China & Taiwan

Program Syllabus 課程介紹

Summer, 2020

Faculty: Lin Crowley

TESC Sem II B 2125, 360-867-6239

Program website at:

Program Description

China is one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures. It is one of the largest trading partners of the United States, while Taiwan, with its Chinese roots, focuses on investment in latest technology, advanced sustainable agriculture and ecological development. Students can examine the contemporary Chinese culture in Taiwan, listed by Lonely Planet as one of Asia’s most diverse destinations, and how it coexists with its Chinese counterpart on the mainland.

This interdisciplinary study-abroad program offers an introduction to Chinese culture through the lenses of language and social and political systems. Students will experience Taiwan, one of the four Asian Tigers, and China, the heart of Asian civilization. We will travel to the city of Taipei (the capital of the Republic of China), YiLan, TaiChung, Jiayi, and HuaLian, to learn about the modern Chinese business and cultural centers in a democratic republic. Students will have the opportunity to witness modern, traditional, urban, suburban and rural life in this land and discover how Chinese traditional culture coexists with a modern westernized society.

Culture competency is essential for those interested in international trade or intercultural communication. This program includes academic study at two universities in Taiwan and China, and to offer a closer look at these lands and people. There will be language study, lectures, day trips, hands-on learning, and guided study tours to museums, including the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, the Great Wall, and other historical sites. We can also taste authentic Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine as well as local food at night markets.

We will learn about both Taiwan and China’s investment in latest technology, sustainable agriculture and businesses, and ecological development, which made Taiwan and China international trading powerhouse with impressive foreign exchange reserves.

Both Taiwan and China embrace their diverse ethnic culture and religions. Expect to experience Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, indigenous and folk faiths, and Christianity while taking notes about the various ethnic groups represented here. In addition, students will visit a variety of geological landscapes, tour local socially responsible companies and businesses, green industrial parks, as well as experience their diverse ecosystems.

Enroll for eight credits (CRN) for full session, or four credits (CRN) for First session (Taiwan only). During the first part of the summer, students will travel for a two week study trip to Taiwan, and if selecting the full session enrollment, additional four weeks in China, if awarded the Confucius Institute scholarship, which will pay for study program fee and dormitory stay for the study in China in July and August.

All will be encouraged to document the trip and prepare a written report. For those who choose the full session, students can continue the learning after returning back to campus for seminars, film viewing & discussions, and documentary making in the second session. Additional credits can be awarded through individual learning contract for a portfolio that includes a video and/or photo blog documentary from the study trip. All students are required to write a self-evaluation.

The specifics of the travel itinerary are proposed as listed under the schedule link. Please check with the faculty for updates and details.

Online supplementary materials available through program website.

See covenant under program’s covenant link.

Program Activities:

The study trip can begin for those who received the Confucius Institute’s scholarship to explore and study at the Beijing University of Technology in Beijing, or East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. Students will learn Chinese language and culture as well as experience local cultural attractions through field trips. You will have free time in late afternoon or evening and weekends to do other culture learning activities, Students can also visit Taipei, Taiwan and study at the Chinese Culture University. While studying in Taipei, we will visit the National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial/Freedom Hall, and Taipei 101 as well as participate in language and cultural workshops. All participants can visit local communities and to experience everything on this once in a life time study abroad trip.

See Schedule link for the full study and travel plan as program travel activities.

Program Cost:

Study abroad program fees for attending the Taiwan portion of the trip are approximately $1700 which includes: university study fees, lodging (university housing and hotel stays, double occupancy),  and transportation by train and bus within Taiwan.

International Air travel: International flights between USA and China and to Taipei, Taiwan, and back to the States: approximately $1100 and up, although lower rate may be achieved with early purchase. Participants are expected to obtain your own international air ticket. Faculty will provide suggestion for international travel arrangements. You are encouraged to secure your flight arrangement asap as summer airfare price may rise. Please contact the faculty to obtain and arrange for travel plan.

“Any-Reason” Travel Cancellation Insurance is highly recommended by the program faculty, as it is always possible for plans to change, for a variety of reasons.  While TESC offers no official endorsements, this kind of insurance can be obtained here.  When purchasing travel insurance, you should read the fine print of the insurance policy, to be sure that you will be adequately covered.  Evergreen assumes no responsibility for any individual’s insurance arrangements. Insurance while study and traveling in Taiwan will be provided by the university and/or travel agency.

(Program fees do not include personal expenses or tips to travel guide and driver. Single occupancy also requires extra. )

Total:  Program fees & TESC tuition for 6 credits full session or 2 credits first session (Taiwan only) + international travel. Use CRN for 6 credit full session or CRN for the first session of 2 credits. Students wishing to pursue further research and reflection upon their return to Evergreen after our travel are encouraged to enroll for additional credits for the summer session for continuous studies. See TESC tuition rate at the link:


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  1. Marah Howles

    This travel program is an incredible chance for students. Aside from the cultural learning, the opportunity to explore Taipei is already a big plus! Students who can join this program are lucky.

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