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Please follow the procedures in the order listed below. All the necessary forms are available below as linked documents.

(1) Self-Introduction letter to your faculty, describing what background you have with Chinese or Ethnics Studies in general and let her know of your interest. Take a HSK test on December 12 on TESC campus (administered by faculty Crowley) or through Confucius Institute to apply for a scholarship for the four weeks summer scholarship program. Next, Place your deposit online via in the designated Summer study in China program account, or through the TESC Cashier’s office (Use the Summer Study in  China account) before April 10 or as soon as possible. Arrange for International travel next to secure your seat by contacting the faculty as soon as possible or by May 30, 2020.

You should have (2) a current valid passport and (3) a health insurance which will cover your illness and accidents while you are in Taiwan and China. Please refer to the “Study Abroad Handbook” at the International Advisor’s office in the Academic Advising. For more information about applying for a passport, click this link “Passport application”. You do need a short term student visa (X2 Visa) or a tourist visa for travel to China. As an American passport holder, you are allowed to visit Taiwan up to 90 days without a visa. For information on Taiwan’s travel advisory guide, click here. For China please click here. Visa applications for China generally takes about 2-4 weeks to process, and need to be mailed to San Francisco’s Consulate for processing by a travel agency, if not in person.

Remember to keep your status as a student for the summer quarter. For those who will be graduating this year please be sure to request to get your graduation certificate in the summer, instead of Spring, to qualify for this summer study abroad opportunity.

(4) For 2019 please communicate with the faculty to decide the credits you will enroll for first session of the summer quarter. Use appropriate program CRN for your enrollment. Official registration should be done through TESC Registration immediately after May 19, 2020.

Fill out the (5) Travel Waiver form and Health form after you register for the program. Waiver Forms are available at the International Advisor’s office or online at Come to the May’s orientation meetings or make an appointment to see the TESC International Programs Director and Advisor, Michael Clifthorne, to discuss your readiness for the program. If you have some medical concerns or taking some medications, make sure to bring it up with Michael.

Flight Reservations: Do reserve and book for your international flight asap to confirm your seat. Do not wait until after you register for the class. If you attempt to arrange your flight beyond the study trip, please make sure to request that through the visa application process, and contact the faculty as soon as possible to notify her of your travel dates and flight schedule. The faculty might offer suggestion for a discount travel agency to make your flight arrangement.

After that, get ready for your study trip!

Write the following papers and send them via e-mail to the faculty, (for those who intend to register for full session or as an individual contract for the second session). (6)  Individual Project Proposal: Describe what you want to explore or study while you are in China. You are encouraged to consult with the faculty to help you design your learning project.

Read the following documents carefully, sign, and turn them in to your faculty in May or June’s pre-departure meeting. (7) 2020StudyinTaiwanChinasummercovenant (8) 2020SummerEmergency_Contact_Info & (9) Medical_History_Form

Please contact faculty for needed program information meeting immediately after the Academic Fair. You can also contact the faculty prior or during the Academic Fair. Come to the pre-departure planning meetings for the study trip in classroom inside of Computer Center, as announced. Call faculty Lin Crowley at 360-867-6239  for more updates.

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