0 ESMP 2020!

Welcome everybody to the 2019-2020 school year! We are now accepting submissions for the Evergreen Student Music Project 2020. If, after submitting material, you are selected to be a part of the album project, the selected song will be recorded by the advanced audio recording students (Multitrack Composition II) during WINTER QUARTER (so plan accordingly).

The deadline is Friday of week 8! Nov. 22 2019.

ORIGINAL submissions only! (no covers or copyrighted material)

Don’t worry about how good your submitted demo sounds; it is helpful to submit a fully fleshed-out demo so we can know the direction of the song.

You can submit more than one song, but whichever song is selected by the ESMP group is the one that you will re-record in the studio during winter quarter. If you want to have input as to what makes it to the ESMP album… join the student group!

MP3 submissions work best because of maximum file upload size. If necessary you can submit a link to your song on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc.

Stay tuned for more details about the ESMP student group meeting. Email tescaudio@gmail.com if you want us to keep you in the loop.



we good?

– your friendly neighborhood Audio Interns

0 ESMP Winter 2019

Hi all!

Regarding the student group meetings for this quarter, we will no longer be doing regular weekly meetings. We will, however, keep you updated on any future meetings we may have! We are currently in the process of reviewing submissions, and will be notifying people of selections later this week. Thank you for your continued support!

0 ESMP Fall 2017 Update

Hey Greeners, We are excited to work with you all this year to make this year’s ESMP (Evergreen Student Media Project)!

Demos will be accepted until Week 8 of Fall Quarter. In winter, the Multitrack Composition class will work with those whose submissions have been selected. They will record everything with you and help produce your music in our incredible recording studio. Come Spring, we will have created a well produced full album compilation of all the selected submissions. IF A TRACK YOU HAVE SUBMITTED IS ACCEPTED, THAT IS THE TRACK THAT YOU WILL BE RECORDING IN THE WINTER QUARTER.  YOU MUST BE ENROLLED AS A STUDENT AT THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE TO BE CONSIDERED.

You can submit your demos at the Submit! tab on this blog; we accept .wav or .mp3 files. If you have any troubles with submitting a .wav or .mp3 file(s), you can leave us a link to your track in the “message” section on the Submit page. If you need help or have additional question, feel free to message us on our Facebook.

We will also be looking to add new content this year. Although the centerpiece will be the music compilation, if you make film, animation, music videos, music visualizers, photography, 3D printable files, or any other media/art content, we are pursuing new ways to host your content in our archive, so if you have ideas speak up!  We will be asking for additional media submissions in the Winter quarter. If you want to connect with us about what content you want to include, please come to our meetings from 4:30-5:15pm on Thursdays in the 5.1 room (Lib 1328) at the bottom of the library past the Electronic Media front desk. At the meeting, we will be able to catch you up on the project, answer any questions and listen to your input on how to make this the best ESMP that we can.

0 A few articles on microphone placement! Enjoy!

Well, in case you want to geek out on a few articles regarding microphone placement….here’s a few doozy’s!  Oh and remember, they may tell you how to do it in the book but if it sounds terrible the book is wrong!