Throwback Thursday – Hitting the Gym #tbt

Students in the gym. 1974.

Students in the gym 1974

Did you makeĀ a fitness related New Year’s Resolution for 2016? Have you been thinking, “Running outdoors in February sounds fun!”? Join me for the Geoduck Gallop on Saturday, February 6th! Choose between the half marathon or 10K race, and enjoy a jog through the Evergreen campus and picturesque surrounding rural areas.

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Hitting the Gym #tbt

  1. I used that equipment too, but what I most remember about the Universal gear was the controversy surrounding its removal. Lots of drama.

  2. This is a great photo. I started working out on this Universal weight machine in 1978, but never had big hair (it was just long).

  3. That brings back memories! I was @Evergreen from 1974 to 1978 and used to use the gym a lot! Also the pool & sauna…it was quite posh! I live in England now and my friends are always amazed we used to play ‘soccer’ (‘football’, to them) at Evergreen in the 1970’s! Jim Boran

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