Digital camera

Digital camera

A.) Students are selecting a place/building present in their community that is one of value to them. They will explore the history, its significance to the community and the reasoning behind their own personal connection to this special place. Photographs are a way for students to express such a connection, a way to personify it with imagery. Students will play the role of photographer and capture images of this location that best represent this special place and it’s historical/economical/social significance to the community.

B.) Live links

C.) Presentation- using formats such as powerpoint, prezi, students will use this activity to present their research on their specific place to the classroom from. Images will be included to help provide the audience with visual context.

Class collage- there will be an abundance of photos from the different places students have selected. Students will arrange, group and sort photos (one from each student) to create a collage to place in the school, a representation of community. (community connection to the school)

D.) attend to:

-practical usage of a digital camera including

1. turning on, off, saving images to sd card-proper use and maintenance

2. capturing images

3. storing and saving to computer

4. how to use programs on computer to edit photos such as iphoto

5. how to print, upload photos

-class period/tutorial on how to capture and select images that best represent location and it’s connection to self, connection to community

– trial and error, what to do if something goes wrong, how to resolve issues that arise during process