Here you are —  a teacher of Theater or Math or Social Studies — how do you decide when it’s worth the time and effort to use a technology?  What kinds of technologies do teachers find useful and valuable when supporting student learning?   What roles, if any, do technologies play in helping students uncover, discover and critically engage with their worlds?

  • The primary goal for creating this website was to communicate our understandings of what powerful and educative uses of technology entail.  We share information not only about different types of technologies, but also perhaps more importantly, the reasons and strategies for embedding specific  technological tools into our curriculum.  We have included the professional resources that informed our conceptual framework for how we think about using technology in our classrooms.
  • A secondary goal of this website is help cultivate fellow teacher’s imaginations on ways to help students discover, read, and problem solve within their worlds.   The units we created are tools for helping students to learn about important aspects of their local towns, communities and environments.
  • A final goal of this website is to collectively develop & publish a resource that will not only support the work of the current MiT authors, but one that will also continue to develop through the contributions of future MiT cohorts.

Investigations in Our Town is a project developed by the Master in Teaching Year 2 candidates during the winter quarter of 2014. MiT is a graduate academic program at the The Evergreen State College