Mike’s Unit on Boundaries

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Unit Ideas:

  1. UBD stage 1
  • Big ideas for unit: I want to have students learn more about the unit in their Social Studies class on boundaries
  • I would like for students to become familiar with the different boundaries and what they imply for interpersonal and international relations
  • Standards: Geography standards and Social Studies standards
  • Essential Question: What does a boundary imply for interpersonal relations and international relations
  • New Knowledge: Physical and abstract knowledge about boundaries
  • Skills: map skills, map reading and creation skills, relationships over the concept of boundaries


  1. Types of technology
  • Powerpoint for teaching points
  • Computers to prepare work
  • Research databases
  • Google Earth
  • Virtual Fieldtrips
  • Paint


  1. For each technology:
  1. Powerpoint – lectures or teaching points throughout the project, which would support learning by providing visuals and I need to learn how to use powerpoint through and through.
  2. Computers – students can use them for preparing their work and researching, which would expand their capacity for research and make their work look neater. I need to anticipate the possibility that students might abuse the computers.
  3. Research databases – students can use this to do research on a topic or place, which will vastly increase the resources they can use. I need to be sure that the students know how to operate the databases.
  4. Google Earth – students can use Google Earth to provide detailed visuals of a place and gain valuable information about it, which would enrich their knowledge about the place or a related topic. I need to be sure I know how to use the product and that I can teach the students.
  5. Paint – Students can create a wide variety of visuals using this program, which would allow them to explore their artistic creativity while creating a visual that relates to our learning targets. I will have to learn paint and ensure that students aren’t abusing it.


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