Problematizing OUR Messy Problems

Activity Types and how they affect the use of technology for this unit

Technology Activity Type(s)(click here to see what these are) What to anticipate to use effectively How does it support learning
Web design portfolio Develop a problem, evaluate work, compare contrast work/solutions, test solutions, Pose conjecture Model the process, show some of the usability, group students and have structured “messing around time” Develop additional tech knowledge, keep track of progress as if in journal but digitally, ease to publish and get into cyber security.
graphing programs/calculators Compare / contrast , Describe , Produce representation, aid in applying representation, test solutions/ conjectures Modle use and allow students to explore possibilities in structured task Allows use of comparative analysis of graphs, tables and so forth.
online researching Investigate concept, test conjecture, Understand/Define Problem Structured questions to guide process of investigation and problematization Allows students to collect more information than typically could on own
LaTex ( or other specialized word processors) Generate Text, Consider creation of Math Text Structured lessons on how to “type math” with what ever program used, what are the common ways it is typed , why use the program is there a better/easier way Could allow for students to understand the differences in ‘language’ when it comes to constructing math problems and texts
Document Camera / Computor projector set up Attend to / give demonstrations , Teach a lesson Make sure they know how to orient it or adjust it if needed. Allows for students to share work and problems with larger group
CoolMath (or other websites for practicing some specific skills in unit) Drill , Investigate Concepts, Consider provlems , Aply representations, test cases (by compairson) How to find site, what is appropriate to be doing there, advice on what kinds of activities to focus on Allow for more fun/interesting exercises that still build skills and reasonings.
Virtual Manipulative / Simulations Test solution or Conjecture, Where to find, how to use, why use (to model) Allows for modeling and virtual interaction with material
Google Drive ( for presentation, sharing work, collaboration Consider, Create, Plan, Evaluate Who has it available, what cant it do, how to make it available Allows for open collaboration and faster feedback response.

(click here if want to know more about how virtual manipulatives are important for this unit)