Problematizing OUR Messy Problems

Guiding Questions/Ideas for the unit assessment.

Be sure to include background information that will be needed to scaffold use of graphing programs and calculators as well as what kinds of questions are appropriate to use for class (model it).

What professional resources could be used beyond standards and curriculum.

Look for info on NCTM sight for similar lesson ideas to develop further.

Look for information on WebQuest to set up mini lessons for sub contexts

Investigate community, problem form home, problem from neighborhood (few blocks), problem from school, problem from city

Find / take a problem from each of the above areas

{what about groupings? As a class, groups of 2,3,4 or 5}

What kind of math do you need to solve this kind of problem?

Alg, geo, trig, prob/stats, calc….

Build the problem from the kind of mat you need to solve it with in a ‘story problem’

(discussion of academic language and translating between everyday language)

What are 3 steps you will need to do to create the problem? What are 3 steps you will need to do in order to solve it? Use the textbook, cool math and other resources to help you formulate the problem. Solve the problem. Does the solution make sense in the context where the problem came from? What does the solution mean? Would you make any changes, what would they be, why?

(click here if want to know more about how virtual manipulatives are important for this unit)