Class blogs

Information that helps you understand and explain the nature of technology you plan to use.  If you want to see the unit plan, click here!

Here are a few examples of other class blogs that could be beneficial for this project using edublogs.

 Specific Activity types:

  •  Take notes (building conceptual knowledge): a way for students to organize information in their groups or individual
  • Discuss (building conceptual knowledge): Students support/respond to other groups; provide additional networking information for groups; discuss positives/challenges/goals
  • Explore a topic/conduct background research (building conceptual knowledge): post information about topic
  • Organize/classify data AND analyze data (building conceptual knowledge): with group members students go over findings, discuss relevancy, connections to science/daily lives
  • Learn and practice safety procedures (procedural knowledge): students learn the ins/outs of the technology they are using; how to react/discuss with other students on the site in a community based manner
  • practice (procedural knowledge): use the website doing a little scavenger hunt
  • Respond to questions (knowledge expression): respond to questions other students have posed
  • Present (knowledge expression): Go over what it means to present, why it is important; how to present a website, what would make it interesting/compelling for the observer/reader;
  • Create (knowledge expression): students create there own blog based from the wordpress about their topic

Scaffold the Technology.  

  •  As a teacher to be better informed, create an example for the class from my classroom website that they can log into; this will help build a foundation for them
  • Discuss importance of technology in classroom in general at the beginning of the unit; find out why/if students find technology important and what they would like to see in the classroom; go over blogs and wordpress
  • Pre-asses student use or awareness of this form of technology/computer use in general
  • Scaffold looking up research online (give specific websites to start out with); this will need to be scaffolded; examples/non-examples of what important/credible research looks like for the topic
  • Still working on how/what needs to be scaffolded……