Centers for Sustainability Across Curriculum Events

In an effort to increase the accessibility and diversity of sustainability-oriented training for faculty, AASHE is partnering with 13 Centers for Sustainability Across the Curriculum on a pilot basis to offer workshops and other professional development opportunities on sustainability in the curriculum. These Centers were selected through a competitive application process. If you have any questions about the Centers program, please contact Daita Serghi.

The Centers for Sustainability Across the Curriculum workshops are hosted at the following institutions:

  • Center for Sustainability at Ramapo College of New Jersey
  • Central College
  • Colorado College
  • David E. Shi Center for Sustainability at Furman University
  • Center for Sustainability Education at Dickinson College
  • Fleming College
  • University of Kansas and Johnson County Community College
  • Moraine Valley Community College
  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • The Washington Center for Sustainability Education at Seattle University and Western Washington University
  • University of South Carolina – Columbia
  • University of California

The goal of the Centers for Sustainability Across the Curriculum program, which is in its first year, is to accelerate the infusion of sustainability content into curriculum. Each center is expected to schedule at least one faculty-oriented workshop annually and develops its own pedagogy and content for the these workshops.

What: Sustainability Across the Curriculum Workshop

Where: Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

When: May 18-19, 2017

Application Deadline: April 14, 2017

Contact person: Ian Johnson

Description: This workshop is designed to help faculty develop an outline or course module that broadens the sustainability course offerings at their institution. Participants engage in exercises that foster a broad and deep understanding of sustainability, including reflection, field trips, and group discussion to support the development of a greater sense of place. Faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to participate.

Other events include:

What: Sustainability Across the Curriculum Workshop

Where: The University of Kansas Edwards Campus, Overland Park, KS

When: May 15-16, 2017

Registration Deadline: May 9, 2017

Contact person: Kristy Howell

Description: The University Kansas (KU) and Johnson County Community College (JCCC) are collaborating on this partnered faculty development workshop in spring 2017. This two-day event has two attendance options: Day 1 can be attended virtually via three webinars or in person. All participants meet in person on the second day. The first day (and three webinars) will be devoted to: intersections for sustainability and social justice, the prairie bioregion, and using campus as a learning laboratory to stretch departmental budgets. During the second in-person day all participating faculty will be guided through group work, discussion, and learning lab installation visits, with time to brainstorm and share feedback with faculty from their own or other institutions.


What: International Center for Sustainability Across the Curriculum (ICSAC) Conference

Where: McAllen Embassy Suite, McAllen Convention Center, McAllen, TX

When: May 19-20, 2017

Registration Deadline: April 20, 2017

Contact person: Devon Hernandez

Description: Growing out of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley’s (UTRGV) successful Project Sin Fronteras, the program has a common goal that brings together faculty from all fields, allowing for an exchange of ideas in a nurturing and enriching collaborative atmosphere. The intensive two-day interdisciplinary exercise helps faculty to explore the shifts in pedagogy needed to incorporate sustainability concepts, problems, or solutions into new or existing courses. How can instructors juggle all of these demands without abandoning disciplinary expertise and designing a syllabus from scratch? In this hands-on, fast-paced workshop, participants will 1) develop a transdisciplinary framing of sustainability relevant to their discipline, and 2) (re)design an existing or planned syllabus using a guided, hands-on process. International faculty, and faculty from across the nation, are invited to join local, state, national, and global participants, providing international experiences while opening a range of collaborative and networking opportunities for all.


What: Infusing Sustainability Across the Curriculum

Where: Ramapo College of New Jersey

When: May 19 & May 22, 2017

Registration Deadline: May 10, 2017

Contact person: Ashwani Vasishth

Description: This is a two-day workshop, in which we will explore how best to permeate sustainability, very broadly defined, across the higher education curriculum, and disrupting as many disciplinary divides as we possibly can.


What: Online workshop – Sustainability Across the Curriculum

Where: Online

When: Monday, May 22 – Sunday, June 25 OR Monday, June 26-Sunday, July 30

Registration Deadline: May 21 for the first online workshops and June 25 for the second online workshop

Contact person: Michelle Zurawski

Description: This online event is designed for higher education instructors wishing to infuse issues of sustainability (ecological stability, social equity and economic vitality) into their curriculum regardless of the discipline. Sustainability issues across all disciplines and the intent of this course is to identify those areas of intersection. Effective assessment of critical thinking skills, collaboration, creativity and the ability to analyze, discuss and create solutions to real-world sustainability problems will be explored. Three graduate credits are available through Aurora University. Students must have earned a bachelor’s degree in order to receive graduate credits.