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My first assemblage/box project is focused around the kitchen as a domestic space in my memory. Kitchens are a very maternal place to me; the kitchen is where my mother taught me to cook and to appreciate the beauty of food. When I reflected upon what I wanted to create as an assembled representation of kitchen & nostalgia, I knew I wanted to center it around my mother. I searched through negatives of old family photos and found beautiful shots of my mother’s pre-baby stomach, her pregnant belly, and others of her bathing herself in the kitchen sink. I took these negatives to the darkroom and printed them to use in my box. For this first project, I also used items from my childhood and many that I found at thrift stores and antique shops.

The Components:

*Photographs-salvaged from old negatives, showing maternal connections to kitchen

*The Color Blue– represents the energy of my mother and has a vintage feel

*Eggs-I hollowed out eggs and painted some of them, I also made an egg basket out of twine, the eggs are representative of fertility and womanhood

*Bay Leaves– the jar of bay leaves as well as the single leaf “sprouting” from an egg (which is meant to mimic the surrealist style of Joseph Cornell) are there because my mother would use them in the sauce that she taught me to make and I grew up eating

*The Tiny Silverware-this silverware is from the tea set I had as a child and is used to cue the viewer in on the subject of kitchen

*Circles-circles, a symbol of maternity, are repeated throughout the assemblage with the stomach photos, eggs, a coin that has my Chinese zodiac animal on it, a magnifying glass from an old projector, a tea strainer (also made nest-like using dried flower petals because my mother is a avid gardener), and a silver ring that belonged to my mother when she was a child and has been passed down to me

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  1. It’s there because my mother would use bay leaves in the sauce that she taught me to make and that I grew up eating (as well as the single leaf “sprouting” from an egg, which is meant to replicate the surrealist style of Joseph Cornell).

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  3. Circles-circles, a maternity symbol, are repeated throughout the assemblage with the stomach photos, eggs, a coin with my Chinese zodiac animal on it, an old projector magnifying glass, and a tea strainer. Very interesting.

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  5. Your attention to detail in describing the objects and their significance in your life was captivating. It made me reflect on the various objects that hold sentimental value to me and the stories behind them. It’s interesting how something as simple as a box can hold so much significance and memories. Your post reminded me of the importance of taking the time to reflect on the small things that make up our lives.

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