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This assemblage commemorates the feelings and recollections I have of my childhood bedroom. It is not meant to look exactly like my actual bedroom, but simply to convey a child’s domestic space. The nostalgia I feel for my bedroom is around the vivid imagination I had as a kid and my ability to wonder. I wanted this miniature bedroom to seem cute and peaceful at first glace, but have elements of fear and nightmares within it because being afraid is a major aspect of my bedroom memories.

The Components:

*The Bed-handmade from various found materials, with a teddy bear that is a childhood relic, and bedding made from my grandmother’s silk scarf

*The Clock-found in an antique shop, meant to symbolize time and is reminiscent of clock faces that Joseph Cornell uses in his piece Untitled (Cockatoo with Watch Faces)

*The Papers-supposed to show that a child lives in this room and colors, something I remember doing a lot

*The Sharks– representing the scary shark dreams I had frequently as a child

*The Mirror– more than anything else, I remember being afraid to sleep because of the horror stories my older sister told me about Blood Mary and the mirror that was by my bed, in this mirror a piece of paper with “Blood Mary” on it is reflected

*The Photographs-presented in a “mobile” above the rest of the box, these photos, mostly printed from old negatives all show peaceful slumber at different phases of life

30 thoughts on “Box #4

  1. I think that this might have been one of my favorite boxes of yours. It was incredibly well thought out. It is amazing to me how everything that you put into the box has some kind of meaning and is not arbitrary. When I saw that you wrote Bloody Mary on the piece of paper and the only way to read it was in the mirror I was instantly impressed. It is obvious how much thought goes into these boxes and it has been really cool to see them in critique every week.

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