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My third assemblage project is all about the front porch. It is a special domestic space to me; one where children play, people gather to chat over breakfast, and people have alone time with a cup of coffee. It is the place that I go to think, often about my past and the times and people I feel nostalgic for. This box is meant to represent the porch of the house that I grew up in, both aesthetically, and spiritually.

The Components:

*The Blue Bench: We had a porch swing/bench on our porch when I was young, I remember the distinct blue color and the photographs I have of my family sitting on it are all beautiful

*The Miniature Coffee Grinder: I found this small version of a coffee grinder at an antique store and it reminded me of the one my father always used to use when I was a child

*The Coffee Beans: Held in a glass given to me by my paternal grandmother, these coffee beans represent my memory of my father drinking coffee on the porch, something that I enjoy now

*The Miscellaneous Objects: The assortment of objects below the bench are supposed to mimic the cluttered natural of the porch I remember from my childhood, almost all of the objects are from a “junk jar” that my dad brought for me from Colorado

*The Numbers: 525 is the address number of the house I grew up in

*The Photographs: The largest photograph is my favorite photo of my older sister and I together and was taken on the porch bench of our childhood home. The small middle photo is my sister playing naked on the porch at age 4, reminiscent of Sally Mann’s nude photographs of her children. The two small outer photos are self- portraits that I took on the porch of the house I currently live in; they show my porch as a place of solitude and reflection

*The Compartments: The separate sections created by wood were inspired by the work of Cornell, most of his pieces feature different objects in separate sections, which is one of the reasons why they appeal to me visually

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  3. That is where I go to reflect on my history, the moments and people I yearn for, on a regular basis. Both visually and spiritually, the porch of the home where I grew up is intended to be represented by this box.

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  5. Your third assembly project seems to hold significant personal value. You are skillfully catching the spirit of the front porch, an area imbued with memories and feelings. Crafting a depiction of the porch from your childhood residence, capturing its visual and spiritual essence, is a fantastic method to safeguard those memories and emotions. Best of luck with your project!

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