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This assemblage concentrates on the bathroom as a domestic space. I have represented my nostalgic feelings of this room using family photos from my youth, my original photography, 23 small bottles containing various specimens, and two antique artifacts. With this box I wanted to convey a nostalgic sense of memory along with a hint of eeriness. This is why I chose to take self-portraits using long exposures that would mimic the way Francesca Woodman uses movement in her work. Her photographs are beautiful, yet creepy, which is the style I wanted to replicate. The old family photographs, like the the work of Sally Mann, capture candid moments of childhood. The bottles and objects are meant to serve as visual cues for the viewer that the theme of this piece is “bathroom”.

The Components:

*Photographs– the three photos on the front of the box were taken using a tripod and long exposures or sandwiched negatives, the three small photographs contained within bottles are printed from old family negatives

*Curling Iron– this antique had the vintage aesthetic that appeals to me and represents my adult relationship with my bathroom as a place of beautification

*Nail Scissors-found at a flee market, these antique nail scissors add to the medicine cabinet quality

*The Bottles-each of the substances within the bottles represents a specific memory I have that relates to the bathroom. These include:

1. 3 of My Baby Teeth

2. Lavender Oil

3. Lipstick

4. A Butterfly Bandage

5. Chewable Tylenol

6. Fake Eyelashes

7. A Photograph of My Sister and I in the Bathtub as Children

8. A Band-Aid

9. Fake Nails

10. Epsom Salt

11. Blood and Water

12. My Hair

13. Dental Floss

14. A Photograph of me in the Bathtub at Age 6

15. Willow Bark Pills

16. Contacts in Solution

17. Eye Shadow Powder

18. Bath Soak

19. Utter Cream Lotion

20.  Finger and Toe Nail Clippings

21. My Father’s Hair

22. A Photograph of my Sister at Age 2 being Potty Trained

23. Shimmer Powder

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  1. The reason for this is that I chose to photograph myself using long exposures in order to mimic the way Francesca Woodman incorporates movement into her work. Her photographs are both beautiful and creepy, which is exactly the style I was aiming for with my own work.

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