Box #5


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This final assemblage is dedicated to the back yard, a living space that I remember vividly from my childhood. For this box, I had a looser vision of what I wanted it to be, and I really let my materials guide me. My aim for this piece is to convey a tone and an aesthetic, not a specific message; it is more open for interpretation than any of my other work thus far. However, the objects inside do hold particular meaning to me. I remember my back yard being my personal jungle, a place where I could run wild and be a free (and more often than not, naked) child. That is the story this box tells for me.


The Components:

*The Box-the box itself was chosen specifically because I found that it had an outdoor feeling to it and was a similar shape to the wooden fort that my mom built for my sister and I.

*The Photograph– I printed more photos for this box, but ultimately decided that this one photo of myself as a toddler created an emphasis on how personal these pieces are to my own memories.

*The Clothespins-The clothespins hanging from twine are meant to represent the two clotheslines that hung across my back yard and are a distinct visual in my memory.

*The Small Birdhouse & Red Circle– The small white birdhouse creates a visual dynamic for me because it mirrors the shape of the whole box and is a house within a house. The red circle that fills the hole in the house is a reminder of the beautiful cherry tree that I played under.

*The Pendulum– This was a gift that I received from my sister when I was very young and I have always wondered why it was an acorn, and for some reason I saw it fitting into this box, perhaps because it represents a curiosity about life and its unanswered questions.

*The Dried Grass and Moss– These things were collected from the woods around Olympia and are meant to bring nature into this assemblage.

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