What’s the Rub? Gallery Show and Screening Party

Olympia StampsGallery at Northern: Olympia All Ages Project

414 1/2 Legion Way

Downtown Olympia

Open Daily during regular coffee cart hours ~ Bar Francis hours

For the entire month of July, witness a motley assortment of:

  • handmade, camera-free movie film loops (and related graphalia)
  • homages and maps to Olympia’s historic “Marker Trees”
  • The Hard Rubber Washi Company (of Ol, Washi-ton)
  • and More! – some available for purchase even!

Sunday, July 14th from 6-8 pm

  • come early to meet Devon’s Mom!
  • movies shall be shown for anybody who’s there when it gets dark
  • there may be songs sung and words read aloud
  • Washi Shall Be Sold
  • surely some kinds of refreshments, please join us

Performance / Show / Party:
Wednesday, July 24th at 7 pm

Presenting a spectacle of student and faculty work in dazzling handmade motion graphics

A grand celebration marking the last day of The Fine Art of Handmade Animated Film, an historic intensive five-week immersion adventure in direct animation taught by Ruth Hayes and Devon Damonte at the mighty Evergreen State College this summer