Christina’s Unit: My Place- special areas in our community

Technology Unit: My Place! A social studies investigation into local community

Students will choose their favorite local landmark, place or physical landform and use social studies methods to investigate the significance this place has on the local community.


Established Goals:

EALR Geography 3.1.2          Identifies the location of places and regions in the world and understands their physical and cultural characteristics.

EALR History 4.4       Uses history to understand the present and plan for the future.

EALR Social Studies 5.2        Uses inquiry based research.

EALR Social Studies 5.4        Creates a product that uses social studies content to support a thesis and presents the product in an appropriate manner to a meaningful audience.

CCSS ELA-Literacy RI 6.7      Integrate information presented in different media or formats as well as in words to develop a coherent understanding of a topic or issue.

Understandings Essential Questions
Landmarks and locations can have significant economic impact on a community, bring in revenue and/or attract visitors.Communities are socially constructed. How do local landmarks, locations contribute to the history and culture of a community?What is a community?What makes a community different or unique from another?

Technology Type

Activity type

Support learning…

What to anticipate for effective use…

Digital camera Taking live photos of location/physical landmark Help students envision area but also allow researcher to create greater meaning by envisioning what to feature with photograph I will need to instruct students on proper use, mechanically and how to store and edit photos using such programs as iphoto and more
Powerpoint Create a presentation to share with the class providing information on featured physical landmark A method to share their learning and reasoning behind the historical, cultural significance of landmark to community I will need to work with students and show them how to use, save and customize their own powerpoint presentation
Prezi Same as powerpoint Same as powerpoint Same as powerpoint, and even instruct or demonstrate to students the difference /advantages/ disadvantages between the two presentations devices
Recorder/journal Use to record interviews with individuals responsible for place chosen (owner, employee, caretaker etc) Help develop inquiry skills, interpersonal way to collect data, information and first hand knowledge on place (resource) under investigation Discuss and teach appropriate questioning methods, interviewing etiquette and how to save, store and note important information gained from interviews conducted
Internet (research) To help gather background information on location/place under investigation Help provide background knowledge and information to support future implication, support claims as to the significance and contribution to local community I will need to teach how to navigate through online resources and teach what is a credible online source (what to look for, what to avoid)






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