Unit plan & ideas for meaningfully integrating technology

Homework for Wednesday week 5

Resources to refer to:  (i) Place based education- learn to be where you are,   (ii) UBD,  (iii) Activity types for your content area, (iv) new article by Schafer-Southard & Hofer  Give your lesson a tech makeover – Schafer-Southard & Hofer AND (v) Create a post for our blog handout


  1. Write up the UBD stage 1 and 2 of the backward design template for your unit (this part of the template outlines the big idea, goals, standards, essential questions, new knowledge & skills refined by the unit)
  2. List 5-6 types of technology that you could integrate to support learning in your unit.
  3. For each form of technology – brainstorm, investigate and list (i) what activity type(s) it would support in this unit; (ii) how it might support learning; and finally (iii) what you might need to anticipate in your planning and learn if students are to effectively make use of this technology.

Once you’ve completed the above:

  • create a new post in order “publish”  your homework.
  • Add a picture that represents (i) the aspect of the “town” students will investigate (i.e. a local picture); and (ii) communicates something about the disciplinary perspective students will use to investigate.
  • link your homework on this post.  
  • Put a title for your unit with your initials in parentheses  e.g. title(sw) 

Unit plan ideas