Directions for the Project

To both develop the content and skills for this project and demonstrate your learning for this class, you will create:

      1. A Unit Plan that meaningfully leverages technology in order to meet content learning goals (due week 9) 
      2. A Technology Presentation that includes resources  for learning technology you’ll use in your unit, and illustrations of its educational application.  (due week 7)
      3. Written analyses of:
        • how the technological tool will leverage students investigation and learning in your unit; and
        • the types of scaffolding students may need when using technology for learning in your unit
          (due weeks 5, 7 & 9)
      1. Webpages for the community resource that clearly communicates information about your unit & about technology  (due weeks  7, 9 & 10)
      2. Professional development plan with specific goals, steps & strategies for integrating technology into your spring quarter student teaching.  (due week 10)
      3. Learning Synthesis Folder entry (due week 10)