Using GIS


Investigation/Preparation for Presentation on Technology:


  1. I have decided to use mapping technology to help students learn about goegraphy, social studies and boundaries. The students will be looking at the GIS software that is available and is now being marketed to school districts. This technology allows users to analyze visual data about a multitude of subjects.


b.  STEM website; Geospatial Technology;; tons of useful applications of GIS, including sample lessons for teachers

  • ESRI website;; this site has tons of information about how to use GIS and ArcGIS, to include ideas for educational settings
  • Lamont, M., Molnar, V (2002). The Study of Boundaries in the Social Sciences, Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 28, p. 167-195. This is an article that discusses in great depth the variety of boundaries that exist between people. Very interesting.
  • Map Technica Website.; This site shows numerous types of maps and their potential uses. Very helpful in identifying different types of boundaries.


  1. The different activity types that could make use of this form of technology include: viewing images, research, data-based inquiry, creating a map, creating a picture, producing an artifact, doing a presentation, or even engaging inn civic activity.


  1. I will have to learn GIS, learn students’ knowledge of GIS and technology in general, consider classroom management factors, and plan effectively,