Communication of Ideas through Film – Film editing Technology Review

Community & War Lesson Using Imovie

Introduction to Technology

Imovie is a program designed to edit and compile film in order to create a finished product. Imovie is a program designed for a general audience and is not a program that is exclusive to those in the film industry. Imovie allows you to trim video, add audio, edit audio, and insert images and titles into video. Imovie is a program to use on mac computers, it does have some cost but it is less expensive and more accessible than other video editing programs.

Unit Goals and Considerations

Students will be using video editing programs to create a documentary that communicates. Students will use the film to answer the unit question. Students will be using editing programs to compile filmed and audio recorded interviews. The documentary being created needs to flow in logical sense and be organized thematically.

Lesson Plans using Imovie:

ELA Lesson Using Imovie

 Socio-Cultural Mini Documentary Lesson

Lesson Plans using Video Filming and Editing

Resources for Imovie

Resource for Using Imovie

Import and Edit Audio in Imovie

-Adding Voiceover/Commentary using Imovie